At Browns Ladders, we understand the importance of having the right access equipment. For a large number of our customers, off-the-shelf ladders, steps or platforms are just not good enough. Making do with inadequate access equipment can be inconvenient, unsightly and even dangerous.

However, it’s now easy and cost-effective to commission a custom made product designed just for you, with our new bespoke service!

How does the bespoke service work?

As you well know, we only supply the best quality ladders and access equipment available on the market today. In keeping with this tradition, we have teamed up with leading manufacturer Zarges – who already supply a vast range of products to us – to help deliver our new bespoke service.

The new Creaxess system will shortly be available on our website, but we wanted to give you all a sneak peek into its capabilities before we officially launch the service!

Zarges have specially formulated an innovative range of new products for their bespoke Creaxess tool, which includes steps, bridging and mobile access steps with platforms.

These new products will be available in a new online design tool that allows us to piece together a product to highly detailed dimensions and specifications.

With a few simple clicks, we can now create a product that meets your needs perfectly – no matter how unusual they might be!

The step-by-step configuration tool allows us to set specifications regarding height, width and length and add any extra design features that might be needed such as guardrails, for example. There really is no limit to its capabilities!

The real showpiece of this new design tool is that it even produces a 3D rendering of the finished product, along with its most important characteristics, allowing our designers to visualise how the item might fit within your space.

We can also share this 3D rendering with you to ensure that any corrections are made to the design before it goes into production with the fabricators.

What does this mean for our valued customers?

In addition to our fantastic range of quality access products, we feel this is the next logical step in offering the best service possible to our customers.

Being able to design your own equipment, with guidance from our technical experts, will guarantee that you get the right product for the job, so there’s no more “making do” with an alternative solution.

Our sales team will show you your bespoke product via the product-building portal and you’ll have the chance to check all the details and request amends and corrections where necessary.

There could hardly be an easier or more direct way to work together with you to cater to your specific requirements and provide you with the perfect access solution.

It’s quick and easy to use our bespoke service; you’ll have control over the designing process and gain peace of mind from knowing you’ll have the safest and most appropriate product for your space. We know you’ll be delighted with the result!

If you’re looking for an access solution and you’d like more information about our bespoke service, contact us today to speak to a member of our sales team!

Have you benefited from our bespoke access equipment service yet? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @brownsladders