If you want to ensure maximum health and safety in the workplace, it’s a good idea to invest in product-specific accessories. Our ladder accessories are compatible with all our products and help to ensure no harm comes to you while working at a height. From stabilisers to theft-deterrents, we’re showcasing our favourite ladder accessories in today’s blog.

Ladder Clamps

ladder clamps

Best for: Busy tradesmen on the go

When you’re working with access equipment, it’s important to consider all the safety risks. While you may be tempted to cut corners, especially if you don’t have the right kit, it’s not worth the risk.

Our ladder clamps are designed to secure your ladder to vehicle roof racks, preventing them from falling from your vehicle while you drive. While you may currently rely on a makeshift solution, ladder clamps are the only accessory to ensure safety and are designed purely for this purpose.

Features include:

  • Strong, resilient material
  • Locking bar end stops
  • Long weighted spinner handle for quick and easy use


Ladderstay Straight Bar

Ladderstay Straight Bar

Best for: Outdoor ladder use, exterior painting and glazing

If you’re painting the exterior of a property or carrying out general maintenance on your home, you’ve probably experienced the difficulties associated with leaning against your work surface.

Our Ladderstay product is designed to keep the top of your ladder 300mm away from a work surface – ensuring safety and ease of work. It’s suitable for domestic, trade, and industrial use and is an essential addition to your ladder accessory collection.

Features include:

  • Simple design that’s easy to attach and detach
  • Available in one size to fit all ladders

Laddermate Ladder Safety System

Laddermate Ladder Safety System

Best for: Ensuring ladder safety and stability, recommended to all tradesmen

As a tradesperson, you’ll find yourself tackling a wide range of jobs and working from a variety of different surfaces. Sometimes you’ll be setting up a ladder on grass, other times on decking, and on occasion, your work surface may not be the best.

Our Laddermate ladder safety system stops outward ladder slip and helps keep your ladder secure. As ladder set-up and stability is key to ensuring health and safety at work, it’s one product you can’t afford to miss.

Features include:

  • Quick, easy fit – takes less than 5 seconds!
  • Available in one size to fit all ladders

Ladder Guard

Ladder Guard

Best for: Securing ladders when left outdoors, for example, on construction sites

If you’re working on a public site, there’s always a risk that your ladder will be stolen or fall into the wrong hands. If an untrained person uses your ladder, they’re putting themselves at risk.

Our Ladder Guard help you to control this issue by limiting access to your ladder. Site workers can limit access to their products and keep their equipment, staff, and the public safe by restricting access.

Features include:

  • Durable, rust-free aluminium construction
  • Easy to set up and transport
  • Compatible with padlock key or combination lock, depending on your requirements
  • Multiple sizes available to suit all ladders

Universal Ladder Brackets

Best for: Preventing theft, recommended for outdoor use / construction sites

Looking for a product to keep your ladder safe overnight? If you’re working on a job over a number of days and have nowhere safe to store your ladder, universal ladder brackets may hold the solution.

Our ladder brackets prevent theft thanks to their lockable, security system. The product also comes with fixing screws and rawl plugs.

Features include:

  • Three fixing options
  • Lockable feature
  • Suited to most two and three section ladders

Why not explore all our other accessories? At Browns Ladders, we have a whole section dedicated to accessories, designed to make your work easier and safer. You can shop our accessories here.

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