It’s time for another case study today on the Browns Ladders blog. This time, we’re looking at the bespoke access solution we provided for Europe’s leading nacelle integrator, Aircelle.

The firm were having difficulty carrying out a job safely and needed a bespoke piece of kit to allow them to access the equipment they needed - safely and securely. Using our expertise, we were able to build a solution that made working with the equipment possible, guaranteeing operative safety 100 per cent of the time. Read on to find out more…

The details

Lancashire-based firm Aircelle got in touch with Browns Ladders to see if we could help them with an access problem they had identified in the workplace. The operatives were having problems with a key job, which involved them making essential modifications to a circular jig.

To make these modifications, employees had to set a component into a circular jig and then climb on the jig to get into the middle of it to carry out the modifications. Of course, this procedure was extremely hazardous - there were brackets and other materials protruding from the jig and so if one were to slip or fall then serious injury would occur.

The solution

After careful consideration, the Browns Ladders team were able to put together a solution that worked, one that ensured health and safety on the job. Our solution was made up of a set of steel mobile safety steps fabricated to an exact platform height with the addition of a cantilever platform.

The cantilever platform was designed to extend further than the rear legs in order for it to go over the top of the jig, allowing the operatives to access the centre of the jig safely. While this may sound fairly simple, there were several obstacles we had to tackle along the way.

Typically, the steps would have tipped over when the operative stood on the very end of the platform, so to remove this possibility counterbalance weights were calculated and added to the underside of the bottom tread. This wasn’t the only safety measure we added either. Adjustable stem posts were also fitted to the bespoke piece of access equipment, which could be wound down to make contact with the jig and provide further support.

Simon Holt, Process Engineer at Aircelle tells us:

"From initial concepts & design ideas right through to delivery & commissioning, Browns Ladders have provided us with an excellent service at a competitive price."

fixed access solution for Aircelle

Solution: Steel mobile steps fabricated to an exact platform height with additional cantilever platform.

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