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Case Study: Designing a safe solution for Lupton & Place


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In today’s case study we’re taking a look at how the Browns Ladder team designed a bespoke solution for leading engineering firm Lupton & Place, in Burnley.

The firm are regular customers at Browns Ladders and approached us with their problem during their on site ladder and equipment inspection, carried out by our team.

After inspecting their equipment across the premises – from ladders and steps being used, right through to work platforms – we were taken to the company’s problem area and asked if we could design a solution.

The problem

Operatives at Lupton & Place were having difficulties accessing one of their machines. Sitting at a height, the machine was fitted with a sensor that required regular attention.

At the time of inspection, the only way the operatives could carry out checks on the sensor was by climbing up onto the machine to get to it.

Obviously, this is an extremely hazardous task for any operative to undertake and of course came with a risk of falling from a height.

Considering the design of the machine and the needs of the operatives, it was clear that a bespoke solution was needed to ensure the safety of operatives in the long-term.

The solution

After observing the activity, the Browns Ladders team decided that a bespoke access platform would provide the solution that Lupton & Place were looking for.

Lupton & Place Bespoke access platform

Solution: Bespoke access platform

To ensure the design was correct and 100 per cent accurate we took a closer look at the height at which the operatives needed to stand at.

Once analysed, we set about deciding how best to locate the platform on the machine, as it needed to be removable to allow normal operation when the sensor wasn’t being checked.

After contacting the manufacturers, we were able to have a platform made up which fit the machine properly.

The platform was designed to have brackets underneath it to locate onto a 4” pipe, which would provide a solid mounting point.

Additional safety features were also built into the platform’s design, including a handrail to one side for fall protection.

With the new platform now living at Lupton & Place, operatives can now perform the task safely and confidently, without the risk of accidents and falls.

Our bespoke solutions

At Browns Ladders we don’t just sell access equipment, we can provide high quality training to all operatives who use access equipment as well as design bespoke solutions for companies that need it.

We know that one solution doesn’t fit all and while most of the access equipment we stock does provide a fantastic solution for most access problems, there are exceptions.

If you think you need a bespoke solution, give us a call to see how we could help you. Our experts can be contacted on 01282 615517

Have Browns Ladders ever provided your business with a bespoke access solution? If so, why not share your story. You can leave us your story in the comments below or tweet us @BrownsLadders

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