At Browns Ladders, we know all about the importance of choosing the right ladder for the job. And while one might seem as good as another, recent industry innovations have enhanced the separate strengths of newer designs, giving them advantages especially well-suited to their intended task. Below, we’ve gone into some detail about some of the more distinctive types of ladder, and the best jobs to use them for

Extending Your Horizons with Telescopic Ladders

Choosing the right telescopic ladder

One of the recent innovations in the industry, telescopic ladders combine many of the advantages of traditional wooden ladders with a whole raft of new ones. Made from a combination of aluminium and PVC (we’ve previously talked about some of aluminium’s advantages), they’re famed for their versatility and ease of use, making them suitable for both domestic and professional use.

Their most prized characteristics are their reduced weight and extendable construction, which both make them easy to store and transport. The greater possibilities of storage places also make it easy to access when you find you do need a ladder, as you no longer have to worry about hauling out a full-size one from the garage or garden, and you can put it away again with the minimum of effort. Perfect for traditional jobs like those on rooftops or high windows, telescopic ladders are great all-round tools.

Going Green With Garden Ladders

Choosing the correct garden ladders

Tripod garden ladders are another relatively recent invention. Their defining property is a third leg which extends out to the front, giving you that extra stability and peace of mind for lengthier garden jobs like hedge cutting or tree pruning. You can simply position the third leg of the tripod directly into the hedge – or at a slight angle to it – meaning that unlike using a traditional ladder, you’re not putting any of your weight onto the tree or hedge (obviously, the latter would be especially unsafe). They’re also frequently outfitted with guardrails, to provide you with an even greater level of protection and confidence when working outdoors.

Stepping Up With Platform Step Ladders

Choosing the perfect platform step

In contrast to the tripod garden ladders, some stepladders are best used indoors as a handy alternative to standing on your beloved furniture. Small and stable, some stepladders (such as our Lyte Trade Aluminium Platform Steps) come equipped with a platform which provides a convenient place for you to temporarily store tools and paint cans. Most platform step ladders also have extended handrails above the steps, to provide you with an extra point of contact when using them, helping you to maintain your balance and thereby guarding you against any risky falls. This type of ladder can be especially well-suited to DIY or painting jobs indoors, though it’s a very broad category – so many can be used just as effectively outside, too!

These are just broad guidelines – there are many more different types of ladders, and depending on the specific job you have in mind you may well find that another one is even better suited to your purposes. With that in mind, it’s always good to have a look around before buying one. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re always only too happy to help – and make sure to check out our safety courses for best practice when using ladders.

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