A loft ladder is an essential access solution in today’s home. Providing safe and efficient access, a loft ladder is the only way to ensure health and safety when accessing your loft. One of the most popular questions we get about loft ladders is “Which one should I choose?” While all loft ladders boast benefits, the telescopic loft ladder is an ideal choice for all homes – requiring virtually no clearance or storage space.

Four benefits of telescopic loft ladders

  1. They’re ideal for small, tight spaces

Telescopic loft ladders are praised for their space-saving properties. In fact, they require virtually no clearance space or storage space in your loft and also need minimal landing space.

  1. They look good

Unlike some ladders, which appear rather clunky and bulky, telescopic loft ladders feature a minimalist design. So, if looks are important, a telescopic loft ladder is definitely the best choice for you.

  1. They’re simple to use

While the majority of loft ladders need to be unfolded, telescopic loft ladders open straight out – for ease of use. If you’re using your loft ladder on a regular basis, this is an extremely convenient feature.

  1. They’re easy to install

All our telescopic loft ladders have been designed for set-up at home. They’re quick and easy to install – even for the novice. Once installed, they ensure safe and reliable access to all loft spaces.

Our recommendation: Browns telescopic loft ladders

At Browns Ladders, we offer just one telescopic loft ladder – the Zarges Loftmaster Telescopic Ladder. This ladder offers everything you could want from loft ladder, including ease of operation and use, a durable aluminium frame, and safety features, which include rubber feet.

Zarges Loftmaster Telescopic Ladder

The Zarges Loftmaster is available in two sizes, ensuring you find the right fit for your home. Furthermore, both ladders can be adjusted to three different lengths to ensure optimum usability.

The Loftmaster is available to buy now and comes with as full 12 month warranty. Prices start at £175.00.

Safe access from a height

Whether you’re new to ladders or a regular user, it’s always worth refreshing your knowledge of working safely from a height. Our Ladders and Steps training course will give you all the information and practical skills required for accessing and working safely from a ladder. To find out more, contact our Course Enquiries team today on 01282 615517.

Telescopic loft ladders are one of the more expensive types of loft ladder. If clearance or storage space isn’t an issue in your home, you may want to consider one of our cheaper alternatives, like our Werner 2 Section Aluminium Loft Ladder. Safe, durable, and designed especially with loft access in mind – it’s another one of our bestsellers here at Browns Ladders. 

Do you own any of the telescopic loft ladders from the Browns Ladder collection? If so, why not leave a user review in the comments below? Alternatively, you can tweet your review to us @BrownsLadders