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Choosing the right products for your trade



At Browns Ladders, we know how important it is to have the right tools for the job. That’s why we stock a wide range of products suitable for a variety of trades – ensuring every one of our customers can work safely from a product designed for a specific purpose.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at just some of the most common trades we cater for and giving you a run down of star products to consider…


With the dangers that come from working around electricity, a fibreglass ladder is a must for all electricians.

At Browns Ladders, we have a range of fibreglass ladders, steps and platform steps. All of which offer the safety, strength and versatility of an aluminium ladder, with the added bonus of protection against electric shocks.

The Lyte Glass Fibre Combination Ladder is one of our popular products and is suitable for both domestic and trade uses. There are two sizes available in the range, the largest giving a stepladder height of 2.92m and an extension ladder length of 4.12m.

Despite being heavier than traditional aluminium ladders, the largest in the range only weights 10.4kg

lyte glass fibre combination ladder


If you find yourself working in sub-stations, switchgear rooms, domestic premises or any other restricted spaces, we’d recommend our Bratts Substep Platform Step.

The largest model comes with a platform height of 640mm and a closed height of 100.

Landscape gardeners

This trade, like all others, also requires specialist products. Cutting hedges and keeping gardens neatly manicured is no mean feat!

Our garden ladders have a platform, which makes working at a height comfortable and easy, as well as a guardrail to keep you safe.

From our Aluminium Tripod Ladders, which are ideal for uneven ground, slopes and steps, to our Henchman Hi-Step Aluminium Garden Ladders, which can help you to reach hedges up to 4.5m high, you’re sure to find the right product for your needs at Browns.

Aluminium Tripod Laddershenchman-hi-step

Window cleaners

For window cleaners, we have a range of ‘A’ speciality ladders available. Easy to carry around and available in both single section and double extension versions, the ladders are suitable for all window cleaning jobs.

Built with safety in mind, all of these specialist window cleaning ladders come with alloy rungs for better grip and rubber anti-slip feet as a standard.

Our single section Aluminium Window Cleaners Ladder comes in three sizes, the largest with a length of 3m. The ladder is easy to transport around and the largest weights just 4.40kg.

The 2-section model gives you more height and the largest model in this range extends to 6.25m. Weighing between 10-14kg, it’s certainly a lot heavier than the single section model but still incredibly light.

aluminium window cleaners ladder single


As well as all our day-to-day products, we also have a whole host of access equipment widely used by the building trade. Our mobile towers and telescopic equipment in particular is very popular amongst builders.

The Sigmadeck Low Level Access Tower offers users a whole range of heights to work from and has a safe working load of 225kg.

Weather proof, with anti-skid decking, it provides a safe working area whatever your conditions.

sigma deck work platformHELD W 2522

The Lyte Helix Double Width Industrial Tower comes in 13 different sizes, the largest with a platform height of 8.20m. It’s perfect for jobs ranging from rendering, plastering and window fitting to heavy-duty construction – such as bricklaying and roofing.

Browns Ladders: Providing the whole package

All our products have a 12-month guarantee, so you can be confident of their quality and durability.

We also recommend that you get your access equipment professionally inspected every 3-12 months, depending on how often you use it. We can carry out this service for you at Browns Ladder.

It’s also worth refreshing your knowledge of health and safety with one of our specialist training sessions. You can browse what we have on offer here or contact us on 01282 615517 to find out more information.

Do you have any Browns Ladders’ products that you’d recommend for your industry? If so, share your recommendations in the comments below or tweet your industry type and recommendation to us @BrownsLadders

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