Wide steps are a popular choice in industrial and warehouse environments because of their durable build and features. What’s more, they offer that all-important stability required in an industrial setting and are particularly good options for using for longer periods of time. Just like other types of access equipment, it’s important to choose something of good quality when shopping for a wide step ladder – and that’s exactly what we’ve going to advise you on in this week’s blog.

5 things to look for when choosing wide steps

Choosing wide steps what to look for choosing

  1. Wide platform

When shopping for the perfect wide step ladder, you want to make sure it also has a wide platform for working on. This is where you’re likely to be spending most of your working time, so it pays for it to be sturdy and comfortable.

  1. Good quality material

It’s also advisable that you pick something made from a good quality, reputable material, such as aluminium. Another benefit of aluminium is that it’s lightweight, making it easy to move around on the job. However, if you’re likely to be working around power lines, you’ll need to opt for a material suitable for these conditions, such as fibreglass.

  1. Fit for purpose

It’s essential that you have a good idea of what you’re planning to use your ladder for when choosing one. Your purchase needs to be suitable for all jobs that you want to use the steps for. The product description, found online, or attached to the ladder’s packaging, often lists uses.

  1. Transportability

A product that’s easily moveable and transportable not only makes a job more enjoyable, it also helps prevent accidents in the workplace. Look for features such as wheels, and how a product can be folded down.

  1. Safety features

Safety features separate the good from the bad. Safety chains, locking bars, handrails, and guards are just some of the things you can look out for in your ladder’s design.

Top picks: Our wide stepladders

Choosing wide steps what to look for Lyte

Lyte Glass Fibre Widesteps

From £196.38 inc VAT

Available in seven sizes, the smallest with a platform height of 0.38m, and the largest with a platform height of 1.71m, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for the job. Safety is key to this ladder’s design. Not only has it been certified to BSEN131, it also comes with two fitted handrails and a safety chain. The glass fibre material also means it’s ideal for working around power lines. What’s more, the product promises optimum comfort, with a wide working platform of 400 x 600mm.

Lyte Aluminium Widesteps

From £178.91 inc VAT

If you don’t need to factor in risks from powerlines, the Lyte Aluminium Widesteps is the ideal choice. Just like the glass fibre widesteps above, the aluminium steps come in seven different sizes and offers all the same safety features and comfort.

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