Workman climbing a ladder

We want you to be as safe as possible while working at height. So, we’ve put together this easy to follow ladder safety checklist that MUST be followed before you use any type of ladder.

1. Is this job of short duration, low risk and suitable to be done from a ladder?

2. Is the ladder class marked on the ladder & suitable for what you intend to do?

3. Is the ladder regularly inspected by a competent person & is it safe to use?

4. Is the ladder in good condition, undamaged & not painted?

5. Can the ladder be located near enough to the task to avoid overreaching?

6. Is the ladder long enough to ensure 3 points of contact & avoid overreaching?

7. Are you able to do the work while holding onto the ladder (most of the time)?

8. Can you do the job without standing on the top 3 rungs?

9. Can the ladder be placed on a dry, hard, flat, level surface to do the work?

10. Can the ladder be used at the correct angle (1 unit out for each 4 units up)?

11. Can the top of the ladder be rested against a firm, flat surface for stability?

12. Can ladder be tied near the top to an object to reduce the chance of slippage?

13. Has the ladder anti-slip feet in good condition & are the stiles dry & mud-free?

14. Is the work area free of live electrical conductors, equipment & overhead lines?

15. Can all tools be carried in a tool belt or passed up to you on the ladder?

16. Is the ladder and work area safe from collision from passing vehicles?

17. Is the public safe from being injured from your activities or falling equipment?

18. If you are in a public area, have you erected barriers or warning signs?

19. If using a step ladder is it sturdy and stable when set up before use?

20. Is there enough light for you to see clearly and do the job safely?

21. Will your ladder and equipment be clear of escape routes in an emergency?

22. Are arrangements in place for help in the event of an accident or emergency?

23. Can you get the ladder to and from the work location safely?

24. Will your escape in an emergency be unaffected during the job?

By considering these questions before using your ladders, you will be much safer and less likely to be the victim of a work at height accident.