When working in extreme or industrial environments, you need heavy-duty access equipment. Boasting the best in safety features and design and made from the strongest materials, heavy-duty access equipment makes working at a height safe and easy. At Browns Ladders, we’ve got a whole host of heavy-duty solutions – the following of which are our favourites…

Heavy-duty platform steps

If you’re looking for heavy-duty platform steps, look no further than the Industrial Platform Step by Chase Manufacturing. Available in 10 sizes – the smallest with a platform height of 0.74m and the largest with a platform height of 2.94m – you’ll find one suitable for all jobs and trades. The steps have also been certified to BS2037:1994 - the Class 1 Industrial Standard - meaning they’re ideal for use in extreme environments too.

Chase Aluminium Heavy Duty Industrial Platform Step

The steps have a 175kg maximum permissible vertical static load and 130kg duty rating. Other top features include the large non-slip platform and non-slip deep serrated treads, helping ensure comfort and safety.

Heavy-duty safety steps

Central Source’s Heavy Duty Safety Steps are our top pick for those working in warehouses and need heavy duty mobile safety steps. The high quality, heavy-duty steps have a large and comfortable platform size and ensure maximum safety when working at a height. Furthermore, rubber covered feet; a hand lever locking bar and handrails ensure extra safety and stability.

Heavy Duty Safety Steps 559mm Wide

There are 12 size options available, the smallest with a platform height of 1270mm and the largest with a platform height of 4064mm.

Heavy-duty work platforms

If you’re looking for something that offers the perks of both the ladder and scaffold, we recommend the Zarges ZAP Telescopic Work Platform. Its clever design makes it a suitable heavy-duty work platform and allows safe and comfortable working at a height. The product complies with safety standard EN 131 and BGI637.

Zarges ZAP Telescopic Work Platform

The Telescopic Work Platform is available in four sizes, the smallest offering a maximum working height of 3.40m and the largest a maximum working height of 5.15m. Handrails and guardrails also offer additional protection and ensure easy, hands-free working.

Heavy-duty scaffold towers

When using scaffold towers and / or working in construction, it’s important to pick heavy-duty equipment. The Lyte HiLyte500 Single Width Industrial Tower is our go-to product, offering multiple size options and optimum safety.

These industrial scaffold towers are certified and tested to BSEN1004:2004 and features reinforced platforms, stainless steel bracing lock pins and rubber feet. Its wide ladder with hexagonal rungs also ensures easy assess and climb safety.

industrial scaffold towers

If you require a double width tower, choose the HiLyte500 Double Width Industrial Tower - it boasts all the same heavy-duty properties.

Don’t forget to get your kit inspected too! At Browns Ladders, we offer Ladder Safety Inspection Services to ensure all your access equipment is safe to use. From ladders to scaffold towers and work platforms – we’ll assess it all. To find out more about the service, visit the webpage.

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