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How to clean windows without streaks


There’s nothing more frustrating than streaky windows, particularly if you’ve only just cleaned them.

In fact, the reason could simply be because you used too much cleaning solution, or that you are using the wrong equipment.

Following these simple cleaning tips will help keep your windows clear.

Distilled water…

It doesn’t cross most people’s minds that the water they use will make a difference – but it does.

When diluting your glass cleaner, think about using distilled water. Tap water can contain impurities, which may be contributing to the streaks.

Of course the cleaner you use is important too.

Vinegar works…

Vinegar isn’t just a great condiment, it works well on windows and mirrors too.

It’s a cheaper option and it works really well – simply use it like you would any other cleaner.

Don’t mix a lot in with your glass cleaner though – and, if you hate the smell of vinegar save it for outdoor glass.

Too many suds…

Suds are very likely to cause streaks. Obviously, if you are using vinegar this isn’t a problem.

But if you are using soap solutions, remember to not use too much.

A small amount of soap will get rid of the dirt.

And speaking of residue: It’s perhaps the biggest glass-cleaning mistake so many of us make.

No paper towels…

Paper towels are, quite simply, a bad idea. They leave linty streaks. A microfibre cloth, a squeegee, or some newspaper will work much better.

Buffing can make a world of difference…

If you finish the job with a quick buff, your streaks should disappear – if you do it right.

Simply buff over the glass when you’re finished.

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