The brand new Youngman PAXTower is the latest addition to our range of scaffold towers here at Browns Ladders. It’s designed to provide merchants and end users with an easy, all-encompassing solution for access towers. The PAXTower is available in two methods, and it boasts a couple of interesting new features to make life easier, quicker and safer for users - all fully compliant with the relevant safety regulations, of course. So, here’s a bit about what you can expect.

Fast, easy assembly

The PAXTower has a sturdy and flexible construction, and is notably quick and simple to assemble. To get started, users simply need to fold out the base structure until it clicks into place, and new levels can then be slotted in easily. (Merchants can stock any combination of the base packs and additional packs, so that the tower can be extended to a wide variety of required heights. The packs themselves can be folded for more efficient storage.) All components will stay firmly and securely in place once the PAXTower has been constructed, and can be released with simple mechanisms that are easy to operate.

A raft of new features

The PAXTower is available in two build methods - Through the Trapdoor (3T), and Advanced Guardrail (AGR). It also provides users with the option to build it up to a platform height of 5.6m. The platform itself measures 1.80m by 0.72m, and can withstand loads of up to 208kg.

AGR PAXTowers have even fewer components, facilitating an exceptionally quick and safe build. The guardrail itself has been specially designed with foldable arms, so that it can be made more compact for easy storage and transportation.

The 3T braced version of the PAXTower provides complete stability and 360° protection for users at all times. The braces have colour-coded claws, so that it’s quick and easy to identify each brace, expediting a quick and secure build.

Three new features enhance the folding frame’s ease of use and speed of setup, as explained by Joost Knapen, the manufacturer’s head of product EMEA: “Smooth running slip-on guides made of hard plastic, known as spigots, make connecting push-on frames a cinch. Through a clever mechanism, the toe board moves into the right position almost by itself. And set-up is just as easy; simply fold it out – the frame gives a satisfying click when secured into place.”

PAXTower additionally comes with stabilisers as standard, as well as stabiliser extensions in the 5.6m version. This maximises ease of use, without any trade-off in safety value.

The PAXTower is manufactured by Youngman, a business with almost a century of history to its name. It’s built on the values of safety, innovation, quality, customer care and integrity, and today is part of the WernerCo Group.

Mr Knapen, from WernerCo, said: "At the outset of designing the new PAXTower, we wanted to fulfil our commitment to continually making our products safer and easier to use. At the same time, we are always looking at ways for us to expand the use cases for our products so that customers can buy once, and use almost anywhere.

“We believe we’ve met and exceeded these goals; not only is the PAXTower fully compliant with the latest standards, we’ve also included a litany of new and useful features with the aim of increasing safety, all while letting users spend more time doing their job and less time setting up equipment. And we’ve achieved this all in a package that represents exceptional value for money. This versatile product is certain to become an essential tool for many.”

Here at Browns Ladders, we tend to agree! The PAXTower joins a varied range of scaffold towers and access equipment here on our site, all available at fantastic prices with free UK delivery. You can start browsing it all right here on our site, or if you’ve got any questions or need any advice, you can get in touch by giving us a call on 01282 615517, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help!