zarges-pecolift-elevated-work-platform-elevated-600x671We’ve added a new access product to our range, and this one really is something special.

We'd like to introduce our new power lift - a major step in low-level access.

The Pecolift is a simple, safe and efficient alternative to step ladders, platforms, podium steps and mobile access towers.

It’s the first non-powered, powered access platform, meaning it doesn’t require batteries (or charging) or connection to an electricity supply.

Pecolift is very ‘Eco-friendly’ - no batteries means no power consumption for charging, no battery or hydraulic oil acid spills and no hydrogen gases.

It works simply by use of the unique lift mechanism, with hardly any manual effort to raise the fully guarded platform from the low 280mm entrance height up to 3.5m working height (1.5m platform height), and you can stop at any height you like.


1. No climbing necessary, simply step into the platform

2. Easy to use, just turn the handle to lift

3. Lift mechanism with no power required

4. Brake on elevation

5. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre

6. Small footprint

7. Unlimited lift cycles and can be used 24/7

8. Strong design for years of trouble free service

9. Low operational costs and virtually maintenance free

Safety features

1. Maximum manual force: 200 N

2. Maximum gradient for operation: 0 degrees

3. Maximum wind force: Internal use only, 0 (zero) mph

4. Maximum wheel force: 125 kg

5. Maximum ground pressure: 125 kg/0.001m2

6. Sound pressure level: Less than 70Dba