12-way-multi-purpose-ladder-platformAre thinking of think of doing some spring cleaning?

Well, today, we thought we’d introduce all you DIYers to the world’s most versatile ladders to help with virtually any household task - multi purpose ladders.

And no, it’s not the same as a combination ladder. A combination ladder can transform from an extension ladder into a step ladder – but a multi-purpose ladder is a step, extension and staircase ladder as well as a work platform and much more besides.

They are pretty amazing because they cover almost every requirement of a ladder.

Multi purpose ladders are made up of four sections, each with three rungs, with an extended height of over 11 feet at its full length.

10-way-multi-purpose-ladder-foldedSo, what can they be used for?

Any DIY task – from decoration and renovation to stairway work - can be tackled using multi purpose ladders.

And yet, they can still be changed into step ladders for stationary jobs, and straight ladders for jobs like gutter clearing. If you deploy it in the platform position you can even use it as workbench.

Multi purpose ladders are now supplied with rigid platforms so that they can be fixed across the rungs when the ladder is in platform position.

This makes the ladder ideal for painting ceiling tops without needing to move your step ladder.

Features and accessories

For extra safety, multi purpose ladders feature a duel locking mechanism and stabiliser bars on the ladder’s ends.

Multi purpose ladders fold down to a very small size so it fits easily in most car boots, which is fantastic for all you DIYers.

10-way-multi-purpose-ladder-extendedTypes of multi purpose ladders

At Browns, we recommend you try our Abru Werner Multi Purpose ladders.

The ladders come with work platform, which can be set up between the two ladder sections on a flat surface or on stairs.

It can take a load of 150kg, which is more than enough for tools and paint as well as yourself.

Abru Werner Multi Purpose ladders are a great investment for DIYers planning on indoor or outdoor work, needing to be at different heights, working around stairs and who needs one of the most versatile ladders, which are relatively inexpensive.

Words cannot do the multi purpose ladder justice, if you see it in pictures, it really does speak for itself.