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Key Steps To Window Cleaning Safely In Winter


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Window cleaning is more dangerous work than lots of people give it credit for – occasionally even the professionals! Performing the job safely means keeping safety in mind at every stage of the process, from initial preparation right through to performing it to completion. This week on the blog, we’ve decided to outline what to consider when choosing your access equipment – especially with winter coming up!

Preparation Is Key To Staying Safe

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The very first step to working at height is one that’s actually often overlooked – and that’s to avoid height at all, if possible! If you can, see if you can clean your windows from the inside, or try and reach them from higher access areas with a water-fed pole. Balconies are good points for this – either adjacent, above or below ones.

Of course, you may well find that this isn’t possible. Don’t worry though, we’ve got plenty of ladders to help you get the job done! Before you make a decision though, you’ll need to plan carefully to ensure your safety and that of others around you. When picking out your access equipment, you’ll need to evaluate the height you’ll need to reach, and roughly how long you’ll need to be up there. Check the ground too, and make sure it’s stable enough to support your ladder or access equipment. That means no ice and snow, or other obstacles! Almost all of our ladders here at Browns Ladders have features designed specifically against this possibility – for example, the slip resistant feet on our Werner 3.2 Telescopic Ladder drastically cuts down on the likelihood of it slipping on uneven ground, making it ideal for lower first-floor windows.

At this stage, weather conditions are another factor to look at, as heavy wind and rain can pose serious threats to your safety while you’re up there. For example, if it’s a highly windy location and you’re planning to be up there for some time, it might be best to look at a scaffold tower such as our Zarges Reachmaster, which provides a sold, reliably stable platform with surrounding guardrails to cut down on the chances of someone slipping or falling. As a nice bonus, it also provides a handy place to store tools for lengthy or difficult jobs, enabling you to easily secure them where they won’t fall down onto passers-by below.

Which Ladder Should You Buy For Window Cleaning?


Remember the golden rules for using your ladder – you should be able to do the job (in this case, window cleaning), without standing on the top four rungs, which could potentially overbalance the ladder and lead to a fall. This underscores the importance of choosing a ladder which easily reaches the height you’re trying to get to. Whatever you choose, you need to make sure it’s high enough and positioned correctly so that you don’t overreach! Keeping your hips inside the guardrails at all times is another golden rule to prevent your ladder from overbalancing.

Many find that our 2-section aluminium specialist ladder is one of the best ladders for window cleaners. With rubber feet securing its bottom against the ground, its serrated round rungs also enhance your grip, reducing the chances of a slip.

While this ladder is a great all-round choice, you may find that your requirements are more specialised. In that instance, we’re always around to help here at Browns Ladders. Our experts are well-versed in the capabilities of all products in our considerable range of ladders and access equipment. You can browse our specialist section (ideal for specific jobs like window cleaning), or alternatively take advantage of our expertise by calling us on 01254 615517.

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