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Ladder storage: Our top tips!


ladder storage

Ladder safety doesn’t just apply when a ladder is in use. Safety procedures must be considered at all times when it comes to access equipment, which is why we’re taking a closer look at the topic of ladder storage today.

8 steps to safe ladder storage

  1. Keep ladders in the appropriate environment to ensure they remain in good working condition. The area should be covered, ventilated and protected from the weather, away from damp and heat.
  2. Always ensure that the ladder safety catch is applied to prevent any accidents from occurring.
  3. Ladders can fall if stored vertically, so use ladder brackets attached to the wall to secure your ladder. You can purchase these brackets from our website. A rack or wall brackets are useful if you’ve chosen to store your ladder horizontally.
  4. Lock the ladder into place to ensure no unauthorised use. If access equipment falls into the wrong hands, accidents can occur.
  5. Don’t place brackets too high or too low. The ladder needs to be within an ideal reach – not touching the ground, but not so high that you need to overstretch when removing from the brackets.
  6. Make sure any nearby doors are closed and locked before stowing or removing ladders.
  7. Ensure all walkways are clear so that ladders can be easily removed when you’re retrieving them for a job. The last thing you should be doing is working your way through a maze while carrying a ladder.
  8. If ladders are permanently fixed use a ladder guard to prevent unauthorised access.

5 steps to safe step ladder storage

  1. Make sure any folding steps are folded fully.
  2. If steps are mobile make sure brakes are applied and lock bars are in position to prevent unauthorised use. Accidents occur far too quickly when untrained individuals get their hands on access equipment.
  3. If stored upright, secure with a bungee or similar to prevent the ladder falling. This can be especially dangerous if colleagues or family have access to your storage facility – which is not recommended. If not stored securely, there is a risk of the ladder collapsing onto passers by.
  4. If stored horizontally use brackets to lock into place, you can find these on the Browns Ladders website.
  5. Any fixed staircases can be secured by using a stepladder guard to prevent any unauthorised access.

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Before we go, we thought we’d let you know about some exciting new developments for 2015. We are developing a new website and a whole load of new training courses to go with it, so keep a look out for updates over the next coming weeks!

Do you have any tips on how to safely store ladders? If you think we’ve missed any and would like to share your tips, tell us in the comments below or tweet us @BrownsLadders

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