For homeowners, ladders can serve do more than help with DIY tasks. Ladders can be decorative items around the home, creating a rustic feel. There are literally hundreds of ways of using decorative ladders to this end.

Here are three reasons why you should consider using step ladders as art in your home.

Step ladders are a cheap way to decorate

It can be expensive to decorate your home, especially in the current economic climate. Most people simply can’t afford to decorate on top of their other financial responsibilities.

A lot of people don't realise that they can actually use their step ladders to enhance a home.

Using step ladders to decorate can create a unique design without spending too much.

Create more space with ladders and step ladders

Step ladders actually can create new area to clear up clutter. This is because they can be used creatively as shelves.

Hanging a ladders and step ladders horizontally or vertically on the wall add an aesthetic to your home.

Inspirational, creative designs with step ladders

Step ladders add a new sort kind of style to dimension to your home - bringing a rustic feel to your home.

Enhance rooms in your home by utilising decorative ladders and step ladders to form a bookshelves, or nightstands.

Alternatively, using throws over the top of step ladders can really make a creative difference. Don't limit yourself because you might just establish new inventions for these designed ladders.

Ladders are an easy way to decorate

Ladders and step ladders are great decoration ideas because they are cost-effective, create space, and give a creative edge to your home.

If you are looking for the right ladder for your next home improvement project, visit the step ladders section.