It’s easy to forget how impressive the humble ladder is. Ladders are such ordinary objects, it’s no wonder we forget how instrumental they are to every sort of construction. Mentioned in the Bible and depicted in pictures from more than 10,000 years ago, the ladder has been a critical invention that has evolved over the years.

Creating today’s iconic buildings

Ladders aren’t just an essential in construction and DIY, they’re useful in many trades – helping everyone from office workers and school teachers reach heights safely. They’ve also been critical in the construction of the most complex of buildings. For example, today’s most iconic buildings, like the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building and the Shard, were all constructed with the help of ladders.

Without ladders, these-scale architectural achievements wouldn’t have been possible. It’s quite amazing to think that the humble ladder has helped us achieve so much. Invented over 10,000 years ago, ladders have helped us reach new heights and resulted in the design of even better ladders suited to our needs.

Allowing safe work at a height

The step ladder is one type of ladder that’s made accessing and working from heights easy. Used by just about everyone – from DIY enthusiasts to professional tradesmen - it’s hard to think about what we would have done without it. While the concept for a ladder was introduced over 10,000 years ago, the step ladder was only invented in 1862. John Basely, a carpenter and inventor, came up with the idea of putting hinges on a ladder so that it could be folded away when a job was done. Basely’s step ladder also introduced flat steps instead of rungs – making way for the safer ladders we see today.

Helping us reach new heights and set records

aluminium step ladders

While ladders have been critical to safety and construction, they’ve also been used many-a-time in world records. One of the most notable records was that achieved by a group of firefighters from New Zealand – achieving the greatest distance climbed up a ladder in 24 hours. They climbed a 30-foot ladder 10,959 times in a 24-hour period.

Making all kinds of work possible

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