Aluminium loft ladders | Manufactured by RamseyWith so many models of loft ladders on the market, choosing the correct one can feel like a bit of a minefield.

Below are reviews on three of our Aluminium loft ladders, ranging from lightweight to heavy duty.

Werner 2 Section Sliding Loft Ladders

Manufactured from high quality aluminium, these lightweight loft ladders are ideal for domestic homes as they are easy to install and use. They come in 2 sections and are manufactured in the UK.

2 section aluminium loft ladders | Manufactured by WernerWith slip resistant ‘D’ shaped rungs for comfort and security, they are supplied with non-slip feet on the bottom section. A stowing pole is also included to help the user bring the ladder down and store it away again.

Simply hook the bottom section with the pole, pull down the ladder until it locks in place, take the weight of the top section and then release the catch on the side of the loft ladder to bring down the 2nd section. The ladder also features a handrail that can be fitted to one side.

This aluminium loft ladder can fit floor-to-floor heights of up to 2.69m. There must be a minimum loft opening width of 0.38m. You will also need clearance in your loft to store this, 1.27m from your hatch along your loft floor and 0.71m-height clearance.

All our loft ladders are tested to the new European Standard EN14975 and can take a maximum safe working load of 150kg. You can pick one up for around £65.

3 section aluminium loft ladders | Manufactured by Werner

Werner 3 Section Easy Stow Loft Ladders

This loft ladder comes in 3 sections and is suitable for floor-to-floor heights of up to 3.0m. It’s very similar to the 2-section loft ladder but, as it is a section loft ladder, it doesn’t need very much room to store it in your loft and only 1.12m from your hatch along your loft floor.

At a price of £85, the ‘Easy Stow’ is spring assisted and gives the user total control when lowering and stowing the loft ladder.

Aluminium loft ladders | Manufactured by Ramsey

Ramsay Heavy Duty 2 Section Loft Ladders

This is one of the most robust loft ladders on the current marketplace. Ramsay Loft Ladders are manufactured from high quality aluminium extrusions, making them suitable for both domestic and commercial use.

There are five choices including floor-to-floor heights between 2.54m to 3.66m. However, the storage in your loft is a lot greater than both the Werner models.

This ladder comes with strong non-slip treads, 400mm wide x 90mm deep and are supplied with an operating pole, handrails and all the fittings required installing this loft ladder.

Now one thing different with this model is that it must be fixed to the loft hatch itself to help with the counterbalancing system. So, when you pull down the hatch the loft ladder partially comes down with it. This premium quality loft ladder is ideal for everyday use - Prices range from about £250 to £330.