When choosing access equipment, you’ll find a wide range of materials to choose from. Timber access products are still an option and fibreglass access products are popular too – however, it’s aluminium access equipment that typically comes out top. Because of its many advantages, we’re got all the aluminium access products you could need here at Browns Ladders. Whether you’re looking for aluminium step ladders, aluminium extension ladders or aluminium towers, you’ll find them all in our online store.

Five advantages of aluminium access equipment

aluminium step ladders in use

When it comes to access equipment, aluminium leads the way. While it’s not suitable in all circumstances - for example, around electricity – it is the most widely used material in the trades industry.

  1. It’s lightweight

As a tradesperson, it’s likely that you’ll be carrying and transporting much of your access equipment around. Aluminium makes transportation and manual handling easy – thanks to its lightweight properties. Fibreglass and wood ladders, on the other hand, tend to be bulky and heavy.

  1. It’s durable

When purchasing a ladder, you want it to last. With quality aluminium access equipment, like that sold at Browns Ladders, you can be sure of a long-lasting product. Unlike fibreglass ladders, aluminium isn’t at risk of cracking. Similarly, wood ladders rot while aluminium doesn’t.

While aluminium access equipment is virtually maintenance free, we do still recommend our Ladder Inspections to ensure optimum safety.

  1. It’s resistant to rust and corrosion

You want to be able to use your ladder, tower or steps in all kinds of environments and weather conditions. While wood and fibreglass materials have their drawbacks, making them unsuitable for use in some weather conditions or temperatures, aluminium products can be used anywhere.

  1. It’s flame resistant

It’s aluminium’s flame resistant properties that make it the material of choice for fire departments worldwide. Unlike other materials, aluminium can resist flames and avoid deterioration – even when exposed to fire for some time.

  1. It’s affordable

Budgets are tight in all industries and so the affordability of aluminium is welcomed by all. The manufacturing process required to make aluminium products is less costly than that required for other materials. The lower cost is then passed on to you – the customer.

Aluminium access equipment at Browns Ladders

Aluminium access equipment at Browns Ladders

Aluminium step ladders are great for everyday use. Ideal for jobs ranging from DIY through to stacking shelves in a warehouse, they ensure stable and secure working from a height. Shop our aluminium step ladders today.

If you’re looking for a ladder that allows work from a greater height, why not invest in one of our aluminium extension ladders? You can shop the whole range here. Our favourites include the Lyte DIY Double Extension Ladders and the Werner Trade Triple Extension Ladders.

Builders and tradesmen will often require more complex pieces of access equipment, like our scaffold towers. Ideal for heavy duty construction work, rendering and window fitting, our towers boast a multitude of uses. Shop our aluminium scaffold towers now.

Working around electricity or power lines? If you’re looking for a non-conductive access product, shop our fibreglass extension ladders today.

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