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Access equipment for the office


Access solutions for the office

Whether you work in a school, newsroom or HR office, you’ll find plenty of uses for our access equipment. While many offices workers spend the majority of their day in meetings and sat at VDUs, there are times where access solutions need to be used too. Whether you’re carrying out a little office maintenance or simply trying to reach the top shelf of a cupboard, a quality access solution from Browns Ladders can ensure your safety.

Recommended steps, ladders and platforms for the office

Popular access solutions for the office include step ladders, platforms and kick steps. These solutions help prevent falls at work – which happen far too frequently. Instead of using makeshift access solutions or attempting to overreach, we recommend investing in a proper access solution. At Browns Ladders, we’ve got a range of affordable, high quality step ladders and low-level access products – ideal for occasional use in the office.

Step ladders for the office

Step ladders are one of those must-have access solutions – and there are endless uses for them. If you’re using a step ladder for odd jobs in the office, you won’t need to invest in anything too pricey; a light trade ladder will do. We recommend the Zarges Z200 Light Trade Aluminium Platform steps, priced at £40.82. It’s available in six heights and ensures safe standing.

Zarges Z200 Light Trade Aluminium Platform steps

Kick steps for the office

For all those day-to-day jobs, our kick steps are super handy. Instead of standing on your office chair or desk, our kick steps offer a safe way to access low-level heights and come with safety features too. Two products we recommend are the Lyte 2 Tread Light Weight Step Stools with Extended Handrail and the Lyte 3 Tread Light Weight Step Stools with Extended Handrail. Both products feature large high grip treads, for comfort, and an extended handrail for extra support and stability.

Lyte 3 Tread Light Weight Step Stool

If you’re looking for something even easier to store away, why not invest in our colourful Kick Steps? Easy to use, our kick steps can be used as a stool – helping eliminate back strain when accessing low shelves. They’re affordable too, priced at just £41.21.

Low-level platform steps for the office

Another useful addition to the office is the work platform. At Browns Ladders, we offer standard work platforms as well as platform steps – for those requiring a little boost. One of our favourite platforms is the Werner Aluminium Low Level Work Platform, priced at £46.19. However, if you’re looking for an access product that offers a little more in terms of support, we recommend our Lyte Aluminium Widesteps, which give a user 360-degree safety.

Lyte Aluminium Widesteps

If you find yourself frequently working from a height, why not book on to one of our training courses? Our Working at Height Training Course is suited to all professions and helps set a great foundation for safety at work

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