At Browns Ladders, we’re proud to be one of the UK’s leading ladder retailers – a pretty impressive feat for a small family business originally started exactly 70 years ago. To celebrate, we’re taking a quick look back at our short history, and how our dedication to you, our customers, has moulded us into the business we are today.

The Early Years – Meet Clifford Brown

We were established in the post-war years, as Britain was still in the midst of recovering from the devastation of the Second World War. In 1948, Browns Ladders was registered as a company by a man named Clifford Brown, with the single-minded mission of bringing quality ladders and access equipment to the public at affordable prices. Under his leadership, over the decades Browns Ladders grew steadily, and we quickly became a respected name in the UK ladder market. For the last decade or so, we’ve been running under the leadership of Barbara and Trevor Ginley, who purchased Browns back in 2007.

browns ladders team

As for the secret of our success, we think it’s a lot to do with our focus on quality and customer service. Throughout the years we’ve always kept a keen eye on quality, making sure that our products are made to exacting standards by trusted manufacturers, making them perfectly suited for the job in hand. We take the same attitude to our customer service – we want to help you get the very best from our products.

Ultimately, we’ve become a market leader not just for our determination on growing our own business, but through our dedication to our customers. We’ve gained loyalty and repeat business through providing you with the very best quality and customer service, and it’s something we’re determined to keep going in the future.

A Few Quick Milestones

It’s fair to say we’ve gained a considerable amount of experience over all these years, and we’re now putting that to good use through our wide range of in-house training courses. We’ve now gradually expanded our business to provide expert instruction to industry professionals.

But that doesn’t mean we’re losing focus on our products – far from it! We’re now a trusted supplier of top quality ladders from a variety of leading manufacturers, including Lyte, Werner UK, Zarges UK, Henchmen, Klime-ezee, and Chase Manufacturing. Meanwhile, we’ve been successful in garnering some equally big names as our customers, including Warburtons, Allied Bakeries, Pepsico, Burtons Biscuits and Heineken.

browns ladder inspections

In keeping with our keen eye for quality for our products, we started carrying out ladder inspections in 2007, which is a service we still proudly provide for our customers today. Currently, we regularly inspect over 23,000 items of access equipment for over 300 customers, and we never sign off on anything unless it meets our measure of the very best.

If you want to take advantage of any of these services – or browse our huge range of garden ladders, roof ladders or more – you can click here to see what’s in stock, or just give us a call on 01282 615517 to enquire about one of our services.