When you’re painting a room, you need some very specific access equipment to help you do the job. Here at Browns we tend to recommend stepladders, as they give maximum stability and comfort to help you stand there for long periods.

Don’t forget that when you’re choosing the right stepladder for the job, you’ll need to consider not just the height you’re working at, but also the height that you’ll need to safely reach to. If in doubt, it’s best to get a stepladder that’s slightly taller than you initially think you need, just in case. So if you’re still in the midst of considering which are the best stepladders from our range, we’ve got three great suggestions to start you off!

Werner Aluminium Platform Step With High Handrail

We’ll start off with a solid option from Werner, an industry leading manufacturer known for producing ladders that strike the perfect balance between quality and durability. The Werner Aluminium Platform Step with High Handrail has been designed first and foremost to provide maximum comfort to the user, which makes it exceptionally useful if you’ve got a particularly long or large-scale job ahead of you.

It boasts a secure and comfortable work area, providing peace of mind with the stability it offers (partially due to its namesake handrail). It’s easy to transport too, as its aluminium construction makes it lightweight but sturdy. There’s also a wide range of heights available, so you’ve got plenty of choice in picking the one that best suits your purposes.

Werner Workstation Platform Steps

As you’ve no doubt guessed already, the large workstation is the biggest draw for this particular stepladder, another popular choice from Werner. At the top of the stepladder is a handy tray that you can use to store your paints, tools and other equipment or materials, which saves you a lot of time traipsing up and down the ladder.

The extra large standing platform provides extra convenience too. It’s about 50% greater than the size of standard stepladders, which gives you more freedom to adjust or turn yourself as you’re painting, without the risk of overbalancing yourself. What’s more, the lower hinge gives the ladder a more compact footprint, so that you can get closer to the surface you’re painting. Always handy when you’re trying to be extra careful of a smooth finish!

And of course, it’s got a high support rail and strong, deep slip-resistant treads for comfort and security, helping to guard against the potential risk of overbalancing. The Werner Workstation Platform steps are easy to use overall, making them suitable for both professional and DIY use.

Access solutions for painters and decorators working

Youngman S400 Fibreglass Platform Steps

The Youngman S400 Fibreglass Platform Steps are one of the most popular and versatile ladders for painters that we stock here at Browns Ladders. They’re available in a large range of sizes to choose from, running from the modest 4-step version all the way up to a towering 10-step variant. That makes them a great choice if you’re trying to reach the tough spots in some of those higher ceilings, so you can keep an even finish all the way around the room.

Like the other ladders on our top three list, they have specially designed holders for paint, tools and equipment, minimising the number of trips you’ll have to make up and down the ladder. And perhaps one of the most obvious features of the Youngman Platform Steps is that they’re made out of fibreglass, giving them a strong resistance to electricity. That makes them a particularly safe choice for use in areas where construction work might still be going on, or if there’s a tangible risk of electrical shock.

These are just a few examples, of course! You can find lots more stepladders on our site, all at fantastic prices with free UK delivery. Feel free to browse our range right here, or if you’ve got any questions or need any advice, you can get in touch by giving us a call on 01282 615517, and we’ll be happy to see how we can help.