If you’re looking for safety steps that are practical, durable and versatile, you’ll love the new Excelsior Premium Heavy Duty Plastic Steps. Made from 100% food grade medium density polyethylene, they’re built to last and suitable for a range of industries and boast a huge number of safety features too.

The new Premium Heavy Duty Plastic Steps, by the UK plastic manufacturer Excelsior, are strong and durable and resistant to most chemicals, making them suitable for use in a wide range of environments. In fact, they’ve proved to be so popular that they’re being used in a diverse range of sectors. From warehouses to sports facilities and professional kitchens, the premium steps are helping keep all sorts of workers safe.

The plastic safety step range

The steps are available in four different sizes, the smallest offering one tread and the largest four treads. Each model can support load weights of up to 260 kg thanks to the product’s durable plastic design. In fact, the steps boast a typical wall thickness of 5mm – one of the reasons they are so robust. And while they support heavy loads, the steps themselves aren’t heavy and weigh 5, 10, 15 and 20kg respectively. The steps also feature moulded-in handles to ensure every one of the four steps is easy and convenient to carry.

plastic safety steps

Plastic safety steps built to last

Another perk of Excelsior’s Premium Heavy Duty Plastic Steps is the UV protective construction. The plastic used to construct the steps also features an added UV stabiliser, allowing the Premium Steps to be used in any environment. They’re safe to use in freezing temperatures as low as -20 and hot temperatures of up to 60 degrees. Their premium construction ensures that they will not break or crack and can be left outside at all times.

coloured premium safety steps by Excelsior

Safe and sturdy

As with all our products, the Excelsior Plastic Steps boast a number of great safety features too. Each step is fitted with an abrasive strip for secure footing while the largest model – with four treads – is also available with a powder coated steel handrail. This ensures additional safety and stability when working from a height. Don’t just take our word for it; all four models have also been professionally accredited and awarded the BS EN 14283 European Safety Standard.

The new Premium Heavy Duty Plastic Steps are in stock and ready to order today at Browns Ladders. Each step is available in four colours (blue, green, purple, red and yellow) and prices start at £60.30 inc. vat for the smallest of the four steps. As always, free delivery is available with these steps and your product should arrive three to five working days after ordering. Follow the links below to order your chosen step:

If you’re looking for wider, sloped safety steps, why not try our Easy Slope Safety Steps? They’re a great option for ensuring safe work at a height.

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