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REVIEW: Abru Aluminium Shop Steps



It’s time for another Product Review here on the Browns Ladders blog, and this week we’re putting the Abru Aluminium Shop Steps under the spotlight.

Shop-owners in particular should take note as this fantastic ladder is a key piece of equipment designed with a retail environment in mind.

The Abru Aluminium Shop Steps: for a safe retail environment

Abru specialise in stepladders for domestic and commercial environments, and the Abru Aluminium Shop Steps are one of their leading products. It’s not hard to see why: they’re light-weight, versatile and safety tested, and should tick the boxes of those looking for a sturdy, day-to-day ladder, and for this reason we would particularly recommend these ladders to shop-owners.

The Abru Aluminium Shop Steps can be used in a variety of commercial and retail settings – from small-scale shops to large department stores – and the product’s components have been tested to meet the UK and European standards of BS2037 Class 1.

This ladder folds up for transport and weighs between 7 and 14 kg, depending  on size, making it easy to manoeuvre between sales aisles or around your stockroom. The Abru Aluminium Shop Steps also come with all the safety features one would expect from a product designed for frequent, day-to-day use:

  • Rubber feet ensure the ladder will not slip when set in place.
  • Large non-slip standing platform and slip-resistant treads for added comfort and safety.
  • A work platform with two handrails to ensure safety when working at heights.

Of particular relevance to shop-owners is the load these light-weight ladders can bear, the Werner Aluminium Shop Steps have a maximum permissible load rating of 175 Kg (23.5 stones) which is ideal for transporting goods to and from shelves.

A versatile retail ladder

Of course, not all aisles and stockrooms are alike, and the range of Werner Aluminium Shop Steps available reflects that – the steps come in a variety of sizes, (we’ve got the full range on our product description page) but it’s worth considering how high you need to reach before you purchase.

The minimum platform height of the Abru Aluminium Shop Steps comes in at 1.04m with 5 treads, and costs just £104.87 + VAT, while the largest ladder in the range cost only £142.66 + VAT with a platform height of 2.66m with 12 treads. As you can see, the range makes the Abru Aluminium Shop Steps a really versatile piece of equipment suited to most typical retail environments.

Ladders and steps Training Course: a workplace necessity

Whether you’re working inside or outside, attending a relevant training course is imperative. Too often companies allow staff to use ladders without the knowledge of how to do so safely, as we frequently flag up on this blog, and this can lead to fines from The Health and Safety Executive at the very least if accidents occur.

We at Browns Ladders have 17 years’ experience making sure employees are safe at work, whether that involves supplying a diverse range of industries with our In House Ladders and Steps Training Course, or providing top quality safety equipment.

Our In House Ladders and Steps training course is only four hours long and includes a practical lecture on current Health and Safety Law to keep participants up to speed with their responsibilities in the workplace.

It’s a cost-effective way to make sure your staff understand the risks and hazards that come using steps and ladders and the certificate received at on completion will cover participants for three years.

For further information on the Werner Aluminium Shop Steps or training courses please contact a member of staff today.

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