Working at height is one of the major hazards in industry: one slip, trip or fall can have disastrous consequences, which is why it is vital to invest in reliable access equipment that can help to keep you safe.

In this product review, we take a look at the Big Grip Ladder Stabiliser – a popular choice of product for tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts who find themselves working at height on uneven ground.

Increase footprint and grip with the Big Grip Ladder Stabiliser

Even when you use ladders that are fitted with non-slip feet, there’s always a risk of instability on damp, loose or uneven ground.

The Big Grip Ladder Stabiliser is a fully adjustable ladder accessory that increases your ladder’s footprint from fewer than four square inches to over 480 inches – an increase in surface area of 1,200%.

In addition to increasing the footprint of your ladders, the Big Grip Ladder Stabiliser evens out a sloping surface – uphill and downhill – up to a gradient of 1 in 3, reducing the risk of ladder slippage.

The stabiliser’s corner feet pivot and adjust to fit snugly against the most uneven ground, while the tough rubber under-soles add extra non slip.

A small but mighty ladder accessory

Manufactured in hard-wearing zinc-coated steel, the Big Grip Ladder Stabiliser is a small but mighty piece of equipment suitable for repeated and prolonged outdoor use.

Renowned for its solid and sturdy design, this two-in-one stabiliser and leveller offers busy tradespeople and DIY fans extra piece of mind when working at height. Measuring 600 x 520 x 100mm and weighing just 8.6kg, the stabiliser can support a maximum load of 175kg, making it a versatile and compact addition to any busy tradesperson’s van.

An integral 50mm cam buckle strap secures the ladder to the footplate, while a locking pin and preset calibrated holes hold the leveller in place.

Ladder Inspections: Keeping Your Access Equipment Up To Scratch

Even if you invest in the best quality ladders and access equipment, you still need to ensure that regular maintenance is carried out to keep them in prime working condition.

Everyday wear-and-tear, ageing and minor bumps and scrapes can all have an impact on your access equipment, so it’s vital that you invest in regular ladder inspections that will help to identify – and solve – any potential issues.

Browns Ladders’ team of Health and Safety experts have been keeping businesses safer for 17 years.

Our thorough and professional ladder inspections can be booked at three-, six- or 12-monthly intervals depending on how frequently your access equipment is used. Provided all the equipment is located in the same place, we can assess your items and fix any minor issues while we’re there.

Once we’re done, you’ll receive a report to confirm the current condition of your ladders, and we’ll get in touch with you next time your ladder inspections are due.

Contact Browns Ladders today to discuss our ladder inspections, or to enquire about the Big Grip Ladder Stabiliser.

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