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PRODUCT REVIEW: Henchman Hi-Step Range of Garden Ladders



Here on the Browns Ladders blog, we’re back with another in-depth look at one of our products; this week, it’s the Henchman Hi-Step Range of Garden Ladders.

A versatile and portable Garden Ladder

Whether you’re pruning back tree branches or carrying out a routine hedge-cut, getting at that out-of-reach foliage can be difficult and time-consuming. On top of this, working at heights can also be a real danger with an unsafe ladder.

The specialists at Henchman have developed the Hi-Step Garden Ladder to help you overcome these obstacles. Hugely popular with gardening professionals, Henchman’s Hi-Step range allow you to quickly tame the most inaccessible parts of any garden.

With a 2’ x 2’ (0.61m x 0.61m) platform manufactured from non-slip aluminium, and a maximum safe working height of 9’6″ (2.9m), the Henchman is a ladder whose true strength lies in its versatility.

Size Matters…

Not only does the Hi-Step come in a range of sizes (Junior to Maxi) but the working platform itself can be quickly adjusted to different heights depending on your needs. What’s more, if your hedge is over 14’6″ (4.5m) high, you can increase the ladder height by 3’ (0.92 m) using the optional Hi-Step Extender.

This level of customisation makes the Henchman Hi-Step a great tool for professional gardeners who might face an unpredictable range of heights in their day-to-day work.

The Henchman hi-step garden ladder has been designed with time-pressed gardeners in mind – it folds up flat, is easy to carry and quick to assemble, so you can spend the maximum amount of time possible working on the garden itself.

A range of innovative features

The Henchman Hi-Step comes with a range of features as standard.

  • An adjustable Guard Rail and a rear Guard Strap allows you to work securely while reaching a wide area of foliage.
  • The working platform is made of Non-Slip aluminium, for extra stability and security of grip.
  • The Quick Adjust Feet follow the contours of the ground, ensuring that work at an incline is safe – their unique shape means they won’t sink into the soil.
  • Henchmen Hi-Step all have a very broad footprint when fully assembled. This gives you enough stability to work with two hands – essential for any busy professional.
  • All Henchmen Hi-Steps are made by an ISO 9001-2000 accredited manufacturer.

Want to use the Henchman safely? Try our working at heights courses!

If you need to work at height, the Henchman Hi-Step Garden Ladder is a great tool to get there quickly and safely. But as any professional gardener knows, working with ladders can be dangerous if you haven’t been trained to use them.

This is especially true for those jobs requiring sustained periods of activity at height, such as hedge-trimming or pruning.  A small accident can cost you time and money – why take the risk?

Our Working at Heights training course and our nationally-accredited Ladders and Steps User course will provide a solid foundation for professional gardeners looking to stay safe at work.

Working at heights courses are a great way to gain awareness of best practise and keep up-to-date with current health and safety legislation; as each course is 4 hours long, they’re easily scheduled into your working week.

If you have any questions, the Browns Ladders team are on hand to help – contact us if you want more information on the range of Henchman Hi-Step ladders available, or are interested in any of our accredited working at heights training courses.

What do you think of the Henchman Hi-Step range of Garden Ladders? Review it in the comments below or tweet us @BrownsLadders!

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