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Product Review: Lyte Heavy Duty Rope Operated Extension Ladders


Product Review Lyte Heavy Duty Rope Operated Extension Ladders

If you’re looking for a highly durable and reliable industrial aluminium extension ladder, this week’s review is for you. In today’s blog, we’re reviewing one of our most popular industrial ladders, the Lyte Heavy Duty Rope Operated Extension Ladder, which comes available in either a double or a triple.

What is a rope-operated ladder?

A rope-operated ladder is simply as it sounds – a ladder operated by a rope. The rope is fastened to the bottom of the extending part of the ladder, running through a pulley at the top of the stationary part of the ladder and back down to ground level for the operator to grasp.

This simple design is inexpensive to manufacture and useful in a number of scenarios, but it does require a force on the rope equal to the weight of the moving portion of the ladder. This is something to keep in mind when deciding if a rope-operated ladder is suitable for you.

The product

Lyte’s heavy duty range of aluminium triple extension ladders have been built with demanding and extreme industrial environments in mind. It’s not the type of ladder you’d use for everyday DIY. With extreme environments in mind, you can expect excellent quality and a product designed to last.

The safety specs

The ladders are Class 1 Certified to BS2037 – except for the HT355 and HT360 models. The BS2037 standard guarantees that the ladders meet all the specified requirements when it comes to its materials, its construction and its overall performance. Another feature, which promotes safety, is its automatic gravity latch – to ensure fail-safe locking.

Designed for tradesmen

When it comes to product strength, you’ll struggle to find a ladder much stronger than the Lyte Heavy Duty Double Rope Operated Extension ladder or the Lyte Heavy Duty Triple Rope Operated Extension ladder. It’s probably the strongest commercial ladder available and includes extra special features for ease of use. These include wall-running wheels, interlocking stiles and rope operation. What’s more, all ladders in the range are also fitted with the new comfortable ‘D’ shaped rung, making jobs easier and more enjoyable, while solid rubber feet offer extra safety and protection.

Product availability

The ladder is available in five sizes, ranging from 3.94m to 5.94m. The smallest product in the range opens up to 10.47m, while the largest product opens to 15.47m. Made from aluminium, the ladders are relatively lightweight too – considering their size. The largest ladder weighs just 71.2kg – very little compared to wood or fibreglass.

Find out more about today’s reviewed product or any of our other industrial aluminium extension ladders. All our ladders of this type are certified to BS2037 Class 1 and come with comfortable ‘D’ shaped rungs and solid moulded rubber feet at both ends.

If you have any further questions you can also give the Browns Ladders team a call on 01282 615517.

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