As another of the most recent additions to our product range in recent weeks, we’re taking a moment to review the TB Davies Xtend+Climb Super Pro 4.4m Telescopic Ladder. We’re going to have a look at some of its key characteristics, what distinguishes it from its peers and how all that helps you, our customers.

Key Features

tb davies super pro telescopic ladder

The TB Davies Xtend+Climb Super Pro 4.4m Telescopic Ladder has a maximum of 15 available rungs when fully extended. At 943mm it’s just under a metre long when closed, but that length quadruples when the ladder is fully extended to become 4.4m. Its last climbing height (or ‘platform height’ – the height at which you can safely stand while using the ladder) is 3.5m, while its working height (the area you can reach while standing at platform height) is around 5m. Its total weight is 15.7kg, making it heavier than the ladder we reviewed last week, but it provides even more extra strength to make up for it.

Key features for this ladder include (but are not limited to):

  • Heavy wall 6061 aluminium construction
  • 14% larger tubes than ladders in the Plus series
  • Tough nylon couplings and slip resistant feet
  • A maximum static vertical load (MSVL) of 150kg
  • Compliant with the EN131 trade standards

Our Verdict

An impressive ladder to say the least! Every aspect of its construction is geared towards providing strength and safety. Its enviable ability to support a total weight of 150kg makes it a valuable tool to tradesmen or heavy-duty DIY enthusiasts, which explains why it holds the EN131 ladder certification that indicates it’s fully compliant with EN131 trade standards – the regulations that dictate whether a ladder is fit for full-time commercial use. The materials used for its construction are equally remarkable; the heavy-duty aerospace-grade aluminium is often used for industrial, strenuous purposes which include helicopter rotor skins and motor boats, leaving no room for doubt as to its suitability for the job. As well as its unequivocal strength it has durability to match – its tough nylon couplings mean that it can be securely fastened to the wall with the minimum of risk to the user, and its slip resistant feet further guard against the possibility of slips or falls.

Like the ProSeries we reviewed last week, as well as its individual strengths it also perfectly embodies all the advantages that make telescopic ladder such a dominating force on the market. Each of its rungs securely lock in place as it extends, so it’s far more flexible than traditional wooden ladders. Its collapsible nature makes it versatile and easy to use, whether for quick indoor jobs or for lengthier outdoor tasks that are grander in scale. What’s more, its aluminium construction means that it’s immune to the rotting and corrosion that can sometimes plague wooden ladders. Having said that, it’s worth bearing in mind that care must be taken when working around electrical outlets, as being metal it will conduct electricity far more easily and at potential risk to the user.

Beyond that, though, this is undeniably a product with fantastic and almost limitless applications, to tradespeople and homeowners alike – it’s certainly worth an investment! You can browse our full range of telescopic ladders here. In the meantime, we’re always happy to help – you can call us on 01282 615517.

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