It’s hard to think of many tradespersons more reliant on a good quality, secure set of ladders than window cleaners. This week, our product review takes a closer look at our two-section Aluminium Window Cleaner’s Ladders, by Chase Manufacturing.

A versatile ladder that won’t let you down

The Chase Manufacturing two-section aluminium window cleaner’s ladders are constructed from lightweight and durable aluminium, and are a sound choice for busy solo window cleaners or larger enterprises.

All Chase Manufacturing products are constructed from materials which conform to BS2037:1994 Class 1, making them perfectly suited to commercial and industrial use.

These two-section ladders feature a top roller retaining bar that allows them to safely expand, allowing for more versatility.

Putting safety first

As with all of Browns Ladders’ carefully selected products, the Chase Manufacturing window cleaner’s ladders represent a reliable choice for all busy tradespersons.

Rubber feet and bungs are present at the top and bottom, allowing for sturdy placement and grip when in use, and an optional rubber top block is also available. Deeply serrated round rungs reduce the risk of slips, even during outdoor use.

Professional window cleaner’s ladders

Any professional window cleaner or tradesperson could benefit from these versatile window cleaning ladders which are available in three heights:

  • 2.5m closed to 4.25m at full extension
  • 3m close to 5.25 at full extension
  • 3.5m close to 6.25m at full extension

While the longest model reaches a generous 6.25m at full extension, it weighs just 14kg, making it easy to carry and transport despite its hard-wearing construction.

Staying safe with Browns Ladders’ ladder training

If using ladders is part of your job, you will know how important it is to stay safe while working at height.

Even with the best, highest quality window cleaner’s ladders, you need to ensure you and any members of staff have the skills to use them safely and securely. One sure-fire way to improve your safety levels and fulfil your Health and Safety requirements is through investing in ladder training by a reputable provider.

Browns Ladders are able to offer ladder training courses to ensure you and your employees have the appropriate training required. We offer In House and nationally recognised accredited courses in ladders and steps use and a range of other highly relevant topics.

Already have ladders? Keep them in good working order.

If you already own ladders - or if you're considering purchasing some - it's worth thinking about investing in our regular on-site ladder and equipment inspections. Frequent ladder inspections by our team of inspectors will ensure that your equipment meets – and exceeds – the necessary legal standards.

If you’d like more information on our Window Cleaner’s Ladders, or you’d like to know more about our ladder training or ladder inspections, please get in touch.

Our friendly team are always available to answer your queries and can advise you on the product or service that best meets your business needs.

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