It’s time for another product review here at Browns Ladders – every now and again, we like to get up-close-and-personal with some of our most popular products so you can decide for yourself what’s right for your business.

This week, we’re taking an in-depth look at our Telemaster Telescopic Ladder by industry-leading brand, Zarges.

Safe, sturdy and simple to transport…

The Zarges Telemaster Telescopic Ladder is the ideal choice for home-owners, tradespeople and commercial companies requiring a ladder suitable for lighter trade use.

Manufactured from high quality anodised aluminium, the Zarges Telemaster Telescopic Ladder features automatically locking treads, which allow for full and partial, rung-by-rung extension. With a full working height of up to 3.3 metres or 3.8 metres, depending on which model you choose, the Zarges Telemaster Telescopic Ladder is a versatile choice for busy individuals and businesses.

One of the things that makes this ladder such a popular choice with DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen is its compact size when in storage. The ladder operates extremely smoothly and can be packed away into a cupboard or the boot of a car when not in use. With a maximum permissible load of 150kg, these ladders are safe and flexible to use, and simple to store when space is at a premium.

Making the most of your telescopic ladders

As with any ladders, it’s important to make sure that your Zarges Telemaster Telescopic Ladders are well maintained and free from wear, tear and damage.

To keep the telescopic function on these ladders working smoothly, it’s important that they be kept clean and free of contaminants like paint and glue. The hard-wearing anodised aluminium is easy to clean, making regular upkeep not only essential, but easy.

Special offer: the 3.3 metre Telemaster Telescopic Ladder now comes with a FREE carry bag, making it simpler than ever to store the ladder away when not in use.

Ladder training – an ideal investment whatever your line of business

As with any other kind of ladder or access equipment, it’s vital that you know how to safely use the Zarges Telemaster Telescopic ladder before you get started. While the product is easy to use, both in the home and elsewhere, Health and Safety considerations should never be overlooked.

If you or your staff will be using ladders, why not undertake one of our half-day ladder training courses, which are designed to prepare you for working at height, and to help you assess any risks you might be facing.

Our ladder training is delivered by experts in the field of Health and Safety, and comes with a national accreditation, meaning that you’ll get all the knowledge you’ll need to start keeping yourself safer when working on ladders.

Find out more about the Zarges Telemaster Telescopic Ladder, or make a direct enquiry about our ladder training courses today.

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