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PRODUCT REVIEW: Zarges Trade Skymaster Combination Ladders



This week, we’re doubling up on the Browns Ladders blog with two product reviews designed to give you a closer look at some of our most popular and versatile products. First up, it’s the Skymaster Combination Ladders from the Zarges Trade range.

Far-reaching and flexible access equipment

Available in seven sizes, ranging from 1.90 metres to 4.10 metres, the Zarges Trade Combination Ladder is an extremely flexible piece of access equipment. A popular choice for many of our customers, these trade combination ladders are well suited for a variety of users; from enthusiastic DIYers to full-time professional tradespeople.

Manufactured from lightweight but durable hard-wearing aluminium, the Zarges Trade Skymaster Combination Ladder can be used as a step ladder, a staircase ladder or as a conventional two- or three-section ladder, negating the need to invest in separate pieces of access equipment.

Compact and easy to store, these trade combination ladders feature quality stile guides that encompass the whole stile and plastic inserts that ensure smooth handling every time the ladders are used or put away.

Quick and simple to transform, these ladders let you get on with the job at hand without any flimsy or fiddly parts, or tricky configurations.

Safety first with the Skymaster Trade Combination Ladders

Zarges is a European leader in the manufacturing of access technology, renowned for its innovative design and integrated safety features. This trade combination ladder is on exception and represents an excellent choice for safety-conscious contractors looking for great value.

The Zarges Trade Skymaster Combination Ladders are tested to EN131 and can be used safely with a maximum permissible load of 150kg (including tools). Safety features are fitted as standard and include:

  • Rigid aluminium locking bar for added stability
  • Strong anti-splay nylon restraint straps with sewn-in fixing tab
  • Strong connection between rungs and stiles
  • Replaceable plastic end caps to ensure firm positioning and prevent slipping
  • Stabiliser bar included on bottom section
  • All the safety features are fitted as standard

Like all of our combination ladders, the Zarges Trade Skymaster Combination Ladders come with a 12-month warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.

Stay safe on your Zarges Trade Skymaster Combination Ladders

If you’re considering purchasing these versatile trade combination ladders by Zarges, you’ll need to ensure that both you and any staff you employ are able to use them safely.

Here at Browns Ladders, we have 17 years’ experience in helping to keep businesses safe – we not only supply a variety of top quality ladders and access equipment; we also offer a routine ladder inspection service and a wide range of safety training, including our nationally accredited Ladder Training Course.

This course, which takes just four hours to complete, covers attendees for five years and offers business owners a quick and reliable way to protect both their staff and their company.

To enquire about our ladder training courses, or our range of Zarges Trade Skymaster Combination Ladders, contact a member of our team today.

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