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Review: Klime-ezee Narrow Aisle Mobile Safety Steps


Narrow ailse mobile safety steps

When it comes to mobile safety steps we have plenty of choice. Perfect for use as mobile stairs, or for use in the warehouse, all our safety steps have been chosen with durability and safety in mind. One of our favourites in the range is the Klime-ezee Narrow Aisle Mobile Safety Steps. To find out what the Klime-ezee steps can help you with, read on for a full product review.

Plenty of choice for a variety of access jobs

The Klime-ezee Narrow Aisle Mobile Safety Steps come in six different sizes. The smallest has just three treads, a platform height of 750mm and a working height of up to 2500mm; while the largest has 8 treads, a platform height of 2000mm and a working height of up to 3750mm.

Each set of safety steps within the range increase in size and weight too, with the smallest weighing just 35kg and the largest weighing 78kg. Considering the size and function of safety steps, the product is relatively lightweight and will be easy to transport around.

When deciding which steps are the right ones for you, it’s important to carefully consider the working height. The working height tells you the height you’ll be able to carry out your work at. The working height measurements we’ve given for this product are based on the height of an average person. More details can be found on the product page.

The steps are fitted with a platform, which is spacious and comfortable to work from. It consists of two treads giving a total working area of 400mm x 400mm deep. This can also be extended if required. It has a safe working load of 300kg – which is the total weight that the steps can take INCLUDING the weight of all your tools.

Quality guaranteed with mobile stair specialists Klime-ezee

Klime-ezee is known for creating great quality products and the Narrow Aisle Mobile Steps are no different. The equipment is fully welded and has a durable powder coated finish for a longer life span. Plunger castors and large castors are also implemented in the step’s design for easy manoeuvrability, as well as brakes for safe usage.

What’s more, these mobile safety steps are also available in two different colours; blue with a green handled braking system and red with a yellow handled braking system. The powder coated finish has UV properties, ensuring the product is also suitable for outdoor use.

If you are planning to use your safety steps outdoors, you should take the weather conditions into consideration as poor visibility, as well as wind and rain, can cause unnecessary risks.

Shop our mobile stairs

Why not take a look at the Klime-ezee Narrow Aisle Mobile Safety Steps for yourself here or browse some of our other mobile safety steps? If you need any assistance in deciding which product is right for you, don’t hesitate to call us on 01282 615517

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