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PRODUCT REVIEW: Ladder Standoff and Ladder Standoff with Wheels


Ladder Standoff and Ladder Standoff with WheelsWe’re back with another product review here on the Browns Ladders blog, and this time we’re taking a good look at our sturdy Ladder Standoff and the Ladder Standoff with Wheels.

Extend working area with a Ladder Standoff

The Ladder Standoff is a straightforward tool for those who use ladders on a regular basis. With this accessory attached to your ladder, you can work away from the building (at a distance of 30 cm or 12”), allowing you to paint, clean and repair without having to risk your safety by leaning or overreaching.

It’s a popular piece of equipment for tradesmen and workers who need to carry out intensive activity at height – glazing and painting in particular. Guaranteed to reduce the amount of time spent repositioning the ladder itself, the Ladder Standoff comes with non-slip rubber protection pads to keep the ladder in place as you work.

The Ladder Standoff with Wheels features a wheeled extension which allows you to run the ladder up walls safely – perfect for working on larger buildings; the wheels’ rubber grip stabilises the ladder and preventing it from sliding sideways.

A versatile ladder accessory

Whether you are glazing windows or simply cleaning the gutters as part of your routine DIY, the Ladder Standoff and the Ladder Standoff with Wheels should form an integral part of your tool kit.

A Standoff will give you sufficient flexibility to access difficult areas, while providing you with an equal amount of stability and security when working. Both the Ladder and the Ladder Standoff have the following features as standard:

  • Made from lightweight, sturdy aluminium
  • Easy-to-use design can be attached to all ladders.
  • Central ‘Vee-notch’ for working on the corners of a building.

The Ladder Standoff is priced at £29.08 + VAT, while the Ladder Standoff with Wheels is £40.55 + VAT. If you use ladders as part of your day-to-day job then you’ll already know that ladder safety is paramount – and undertaking reputable working at height courses is just as important as the right tools.

A Working at Heights Training course is a must for workplace safety

Browns Ladders offer a Working at Heights Training course that will equip you and your employees with a robust knowledge of best practice when working at heights, as well as a thorough understanding of Health and Safety obligations in the workplace.

As the course is just four hours long, a popular choice is to team the Working at Heights training course with our in-house Ladders and Steps User course to provide a full day of both general and specialised training on the use of ladders in the workplace.

If you are interested in any of our Ladder Safety or Working at Height courses, contact us today on 0845 130 9225 or send us an email enquiry through our website.

Have you used the Ladder Standoff or the Ladder Standoff with Wheels? Review it in the comments below or tweet us @BrownsLadders.

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