Today at Browns Ladders we’re taking a look at Lyte telecoms ladders. These specialist ladders are available in aluminium and fibre glass. We’ll be exploring their specifications and features, as well as drawing comparisons between the two – to help you decide which one will meet your workplace needs.

Lyte telecoms ladders - ideal for working on telegraph poles

aluminium telecoms ladder

The aluminium version of the Lyte telecoms ladders is a sturdy and robust piece of kit. It was originally designed specifically for the British Telecom Linesman. Its height makes it ideal for working on telegraph poles and street lamps. When closed it’s 2.5m, but once opened it more than doubles in length, to 5.96m.

Tailor made for ease of use

With a ladder like this, comes a long life and durability. This telecoms ladder in particular is made for frequent, and heavy use – which is great for the more demanding and extreme industrial environment. You’d think that its length may make it awkward to handle and set up, however with clever features built in, this isn’t the case. The manufacturers, Lyte, have fitted nylon rollers to the base and middle sections of the ladder, which enable you to erect the ladder easily, with minimum effort.

Optimum safety has also been taken into account with the double safety catch and lashing rope feature, along with the unique aluminium butterfly rungs, which provide balance and support whilst working on the ladder.

So what’s the difference between the two?

glass fibre telecoms ladders

The Lyte telecoms ladder in fibre glass, is the more expensive of the two but gives you that extra bit of height. It reaches an impressive 6m when opened and weighs just under 5kg more than its aluminium counterpart – due to the fibreglass material.

If you’re working in environments where you may be subject to electrical hazards, this would be the ladder to pick out of the two. Unlike aluminium, fibreglass doesn’t conduct electricity, so it’s the safest type of ladder to use around power lines or live sources of electricity. The only other alternative to fibreglass in these circumstances is wood – which not only weights a lot more, it’s also not as durable either.

Looking for a specialist ladder?

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Download the specification sheet for Lyte Aluminium Telecoms Ladder

Download the specification sheet for the Lyte glass fibre telecoms ladder

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