Today on the Browns Ladders blog, we’re going to be taking a closer look at one of our fibreglass step ladders – the Werner Fibreglass Podium Stepladder – designed for working at fixed heights. We’ll be telling you a bit about the product and sharing the benefits of using this stepladder on the job.

A size for all jobs

This particular stepladder is available to purchase in 5 different sizes, the smallest with just 3 treads, and the largest with 10 treads. The platform height increases with each ladder in the range. The 3 tread ladder’s platform sits at 0.91m, while the 10 tread ladder’s platform sits at 3.05m. These give you reach heights of 2.67m and 4.80m respectively – and of course there are 3 different sizes to choose from between these, so we’re certain you’ll find the right size stepladder for the job.

Comfort built in

The podium ladder is ideal for working at fixed heights and is easier to manoeuvre and set up than other alternatives – such as scaffolds or towers. It’s been designed with total comfort in mind with an extra large platform complete with toe guard – which gives the user the feeling like they are standing on the ground. The other great benefit of the platform and toe guard is that it provides comfort for even long periods of standing, making your job that little bit easier.

Not your standard stepladder

The ergonomic design also includes features like the 4X Work Zone, which allows you to work facing any direction, without having to continually move and check the stepladder. The LOCKTOP waist-high guardrail also provides an extra point of contact for safety and conveniently holds all your work tools – so there will no longer be a need to travel up and down the stepladder or reach down to access the tools you need.

Unique, safety features

As with all Browns Ladders products, the safety in all our stepladders is paramount. The Werner Podium demonstrates top-class safety with the LOCKTOP guardrail, which securely wraps around the workzone, EDGE360, which gives protection from every angle with an integrated rail shield, and EDGE bracing and oversized foot pads.

Order now, for next day delivery!

The Werner Fibreglass Podium Stepladder can be ordered today, with next working day delivery! To be eligible for this, you need to order the item before 11.30am. There is also an additional cost of £10.00 plus VAT for next day delivery. Alternatively, you can choose our stand 3-5 working day delivery option.

If you’d like more information on the Werner Podium, or any other products within our stepladder range, contact our team on 01282 615517. Our friendly experts will be able to answer any questions you might have. Alternatively, you can also drop us an email on

Have you used the Werner Fibreglass Podium Stepladder? If so, what was your user experience? We’d love to hear your thoughts and views on the product so do tell us in the comments below or tweet us @BrownsLadders