It’s time for another review here at Browns Ladders, and this time we’re looking at not just one of our top products, but two! Firstly we’ll be reviewing Werner Heavy Duty Fibreglass Ladders, and then we’ll be taking a look at the added benefits of the Werner Heavy Duty Fibreglass Extension Ladder with Alflo Rungs.

From power lines to home décor

werner heavy duty fibreglass extension ladder standard

The fibreglass ladder comes in a range of sizes, with the smallest ladder opening up to 3.9m (giving you an approx. reach of 4.48m) and the largest ladder opening up to 7.96m (giving you a reach of 8.40m).

The benefit of a fibreglass ladder is that it’s lightweight, whilst at the same time strong, robust and non-conductive. The non-conductive stiles mean the ladder is ideal for working around electricity and power lines. Even though the fibreglass ladders do weigh more than the likes of aluminium; of the non-conductive options (for example, wood), they are the lighter option. As a result, fibreglass step ladders are much easier to lift, move and transport. Another safety feature is the heavy duty exterior rope pulley, for easy and safe operation.

A ladder to last a lifetime

The durable seven-layer fibreglass constructed rails also maintain a smooth surface – even after weathering. This leads to cost savings over time, which is yet another recognised benefit of fibreglass ladders. Features such as the moulded foot brace also provide enhanced bracing strength and protection against damage. So if you’re looking for a ladder with lasting power, fibreglass may be a good option. The material also ensures the ladder doesn’t absorb moisture or significantly weaken in the sun, and is completely rust proof – making it suitable for tradesmen such as painters and decorators too.

Designed with comfort and safety in mind

You can really have it all with the heavy duty fibreglass extension ladder; safety, cost savings, reliability, and a product that’s comfortable and easy to work with. The slip-resistant D rungs have been designed for comfort and security and can be easily replaced if required.

Download the specification sheet for Werner Heavy Duty Fibreglass Ladders

Unique patented Werner Alflo rungs for unbeatable usage

werner heavy duty fibreglass extension ladder with alflo rungs

The second product we’re looking at is essentially the same ladder, but with the addition of exclusive Alflo Rungs. These unique rungs are hydraulically swaged and can withstand a torque or twist of up to 2000cm kg – ensuring twist-proof performance on the job. Overall, this product offers the best possible combination of sturdy, safe, twist free use and an extended long life.

Like all our other products, the heavy duty fibreglass ladders come complete with a 12-month guarantee and are sourced within the UK. Why not browse our complete selection of extension ladders? If you’re struggling to choose which product is best for you, do contact a member of our friendly team or chat online to a member of staff right now!

Download the specification sheet for Werner Heavy Duty Fibreglass Ladders With Alflo Rungs

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