Werner are known for producing high performance access equipment for both DIY and professional use. One of the UK’s leading manufacturers, Werner products are rigorously tested to ensure the highest levels of quality and safety. The Werner Industrial Aluminium Swingback Steps are especially suited to close face-on work, with many of its design features focusing on comfort and ease of use, these steps allow the user to concentrate on the job at hand.

Available in a number of different height variations ranging from 4 – 14 treads, this heavy duty but compact product is perfect for a variety of uses.

Solid and Reliable

The heavy duty aluminium construction provides stability without excessive weight. These British made steps are tested to BS2037 Class 1 Standard with a generous maximum load of 175kg.

There are a host of other design features that lend this product its sturdiness including greater horn height promoting a steady rhythm when climbing or descending the ladder. The rungs have deep, slip resistant treads, finished with a non-slip coating to ensure support when working on the ladder. The steps have a fully braced lower section and large anti-slip feet create solid base for the steps to rest on.

Since this ladder is intended to allow the user to get close up to their work, these features provide a stable and reliable ladder, allowing you to give your full attention to the task at hand.

Ease of Use

Werner’s Industrial Swingback Steps have been designed with a compact base making them ideal for face-on or detailed work. The steps are easily stored, transported and operated with intelligent design features that make this ladder a great choice for trade professionals and advanced DIY practitioners alike.

Smooth Profile

The edge protection caps on the very top rung all but eliminate nicks, cuts and scratches by covering any sharp edges. A new, external spreader design and the fact that there is no external bracing give this ladder a smooth profile, allowing for easy van storage and transportation whilst ensuring greater safety for anyone working with the equipment.


Safety is inherent in every feature of this product, without compromising usability. Safety features include:

  • Non-slip feet
  • Deep grooves in the rungs with an anti-slip coating for additional grip
  • Sturdy, compact base
  • No external bracing to snag on clothing or skin
  • Plastic caps on the sharp edges of the top rung to eliminate nicks and scratches
  • Increased horn height to encourage safety when climbing
  • Smaller footprint allows the user to get close to their work with leaning or stretching, reducing the risk of overbalancing
  • Made from aluminium to provide sturdiness without adding extra weight
  • Rigorously tested to Class 1 Standard

Werner take pride in creating innovative and high performance access solutions, and the attention to detail in this product is evident.

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