Today’s review focuses on quality, sturdiness and versatility. The Werner Triple Box Section Reform Ladder boats all these qualities, making it suitable for both domestic DIY and professional use.   Manufactured here in the UK (and tested to BS EN131 standard) this ladder is lightweight, easy to use and available in five height options with a slew of safety features to give you confidence as you work.

Strength and Sturdiness

Design features such as box stiles means this ladder won’t shake, sway, bounce or give whilst in use, and will bear a load weight of up to 150kg (equating to 23.6 stone).

The non-slip D-shaped rungs make the user feel sturdy and minimises discomfort or aching in the foot when working on the ladder for long periods of time.

The triple box section reform ladder’s feet are serrated and can be adjusted to help gain a purchase on softer ground such as grass or dirt.

All of these features combine to make the ladder feel solid even when working at considerable heights.

Safety Features

Every aspect of this product has been designed with safety in mind. Slip resistant feet and rungs help to provide security even when positioned on softer or slightly uneven surfaces. The opening restraint system helps ensure safety even when the ladder is being operated by a single person. There are also locking catches which are easily clicked into place and which prevent the sections from separating both when the ladder is in use and when it is being stored.


The Werner Triple Box Section Reform Ladder can be adapted to your access needs, serving as an extension ladder, stairwell ladder, and freestanding extension ladder according to your needs. As it’s made from aluminium, it’s sturdy but light allowing a person of average strength to operate the ladder without assistance – it also makes it easy to transport.

The ladder extends and retracts smoothly, with a spring-loaded thumb-operated locking system that clicks into place easily.

Although the ladder has been designed for trade use, it’s also perfect for use in the home. This ladder has proved very popular with DIYers because of its user-friendly design. It’s perfect for anyone in search of a high quality product that allows them to carry out various jobs around the house.

You can choose from 5 size options depending on your needs:

3.78m (12.5”) – 17 rungs

5.18m (16.12") – 23 rungs

6.86m (22.6”) – 29 rungs

8.54m (28'0")– 35 rungs

10.22m (33.6")– 41 rungs

This adaptable ladder is so popular due to its combination of sturdiness, safety features, transformability and ease of use. It’s trade-standard quality and durability in conjunction with a design so user-friendly it can be used by non-professionals in a domestic setting really sets this product apart.

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