When you’re looking for a work platform or podium, two things you need to ensure are reliability and durability. At Browns Ladders, we have a range of work podiums and platforms available, all of which have those essential qualities. What’s more they’re all easy-to-store and safe to work on too.

One of our favourites in the range has to be the Youngman Teleguard Telescopic Platform Ladder and today we’ll be taking a closer look at its properties and exploring all its benefits. Read on to find out more…

Two sizes to meet your specifications

The Youngman Teleguard Telescopic Platform Ladder is available in two different sizes. The smaller of the two gives you 4-6 treads, while the larger version has 7-9 treads.

The size of the ladder is reflected in the price. The smaller of the two is just £404 plus VAT, while the larger costs marginally more at just £495 plus VAT.

The specifications of both ladders are pretty much the same, but obviously the length, working height and weight of the ladder increase with the larger 7-9 tread version.

While the 3-4 tread version’s length is 2.4m – giving you a working height of 3.08 – 3.63m, the 4-7 tread version’s length is 3.25m – giving you a safe working height of 3.9 – 4.45m.

Safety and stability built in

Both ladders are renowned for their stability, which is derived from 4 easy to deploy adjustable stabilisers and 2 stabiliser cross bars.

These are all fitted to the base section of the ladder and are always in contact with the ground, helping to prevent any collapsing of the ladder.

Other safety features include the rugged rubber stabiliser overboots, deck lock clip and a double guardrail, with a positive locking gate on the platform.

Large platform designed for comfort

As with all platform ladders, the Teleguard Telescopic Platform is very handy and means work can be completed in comfort. The platform on this model is particularly spacious at 610mm x 444mm.

There’s also a deep and draining tool tray for keeping all your work essentials, helping to maintain safe and clear working space while you’re on the platform.

Designed for multiple uses and ease of use


One thing customers really love about the Teleguard Telescopic Platform Ladder is its versatility. It’s extremely easy to adjust the working height of the product – which can be adjusted rung by rung.

You can also use the ladder in flat slab mode or on stairways, which is proof alone of its multiple functionality.


As you would expect, platform ladders aren’t particularly lightweight. In this case, Youngman have built in a number of helpful features that ensure its ease of use.

There are tough wheels on the bottom of the ladder for easy movement around site and the deck lock clip can be easily released to fold down the ladder for storage. Together, these features make the Youngman Teleguard Telescopic Platform Ladder easy to transport around to all your jobs.


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