Today we’ve got one of our newest products in the spotlight. The Zarges Eurostar Extension Ladders have only just hit the Browns Ladders store but they’re so good we had to give them the product review treatment. Like all Zarges access equipment, the newest extension ladders combine all the best features and materials giving you a product that’s built to last. If you want to find out more, we suggest you read on…

Key features of the Zarges Eurostar Extension Ladders

The Zarges 2-Part Eurostar Extension Ladder comes in three different sizes. The smallest offers an open height of 3.94 m and the largest an open height of 5.92 m. The weight of the ladder reflects its size too – the smallest weighing just 7.6kg and the largest weighing 12.1kg.

The features of each ladder include:

  • A hinge system for optimum handling of product and allowing each ladder to be positioned intuitively.
  • A durable design, with rungs crimped outside the stiles.
  • A hook and lock system for perfect height and stability.
  • Safety-tested and certified to EN131

Like all Zarges products, these new extension ladders also benefit from lightweight aluminium construction. This ensures high stability, corrosion resistance and flexibility of use. The ladders have also been built with high quality standards, designed with cutting-edge technologies and Zarges’ many years experience.

Zarges Eurostar Extension Ladders

Our verdict on the Zarges Eurostar Extension Ladders

In short, we love it! The Zarges Extension Ladders pack a lot of punch for their size and price. So, if you’re looking for an economy extension ladder that performs just as well as many expensive models, the new Zarges products are ideal for you. They’re affordable while offering optimum safety – meeting all the necessary safety standards including EN131.

Manufactured from aluminium, the Zarges Extension Ladders are easy to transport too, making them ideal for almost all jobs and work environments. The only jobs they’re not suitable for are those around electricity, which will require you to use one of our fibreglass extension ladders. The lightweight design also benefits from being collapsible, allowing the ladder to fit in or on most vehicles.

Like all Zarges products, the Eurostar Extension Ladders feature lots of fantastic innovative features. We love the fantastic hinge system, strong rung design and the nifty hook and lock system, which keeps you safe and secure at a heights.

You can purchase your Zarges Eurostar Extension Ladder today from just £87.89 inc. VAT. For more information about the product, don’t hesitate to call our team on 01282 615517.

If you’re purchasing the Zarges Eurostar Extension Ladder or any of our other ladders, it may be worth signing up to our Ladders & Steps Training Course. We cover everything you need to know about ladder safety – from ladder inspections to how to use your ladder correctly.

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