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Product Review: The Zarges Reachmaster AGR Folding Tower


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The Zarges Reachmaster AGR Folding Tower is one of the newest additions to our product range, and we’re already very excited about it. You may have seen our review last year of a strongly related product the Zarges Reachmaster Folding Scaffold Tower; at the time, the feedback indicated this was a hugely useful resource for our customers in deciding which scaffold tower to buy. This has given us a prime reason to do another one for the Reachmaster AGR – especially if you’re looking to upgrade your existing scaffold tower, or even buy a new one entirely. We put it through its paces here at Browns Ladders HQ, and here’s what we found…

Convenience And Ease Of Use

 tower in use

As we’ve just touched upon, the Zarges Reachmaster AGR has a few similarities with the Zarges Reachmaster Folding Scaffold Tower, and you’ll be glad to hear all the best features have been carried over. Its folding base frame is equally well suited for rapid setup and dismantling, and it comes in a range of sizes from 4.5m up to 8.5m, so that you can pick the variant that best suits your needs.

One of its best features, though, is the Advanced Guard Rail (AGR) that’s been woven into its construction. The AGR supplants the individual braces of the Folding Scaffold Tower with a whole, integrated guard rail that can be fitted from the ground or the platform below. This makes it exceptionally easy to erect, as it replaces the need to attempt to fit this guardrail while sitting down on the exposed platform. It also means there are far fewer parts for you to gather and put together, saving you significant amounts of time and effort.

Increased Safety

The benefits of the AGR aren’t just to do with convenience, either – it also adds another solid barrier between the user and any potential falls. Meanwhile, the Reachmaster AGR Scaffold Tower also comes with a set of toeboards, so that items and tools are equally protected from falls. The foot of the Reachmaster Scaffold Tower is outfitted with stabilisers, guaranteeing steadiness and safety while in use.

Again similarly to the Folding Scaffold Tower, the Zarges Reachmaster AGR has been constructed to the standards laid out by EN1004 Class 3. This is the absolute minimum safety product standard for scaffold towers, set out by the European Union. (This is the first thing we look for when considering whether to stock a product; safety is important to us here at Browns Ladders, and we’d never sell anything that wasn’t up to standard in terms of safety guarantees.)

All EN1004 products are marked with an official label, and all have the following attributes:

  1. Built-in access for safe ascent and descent
  2. Purpose-designed platforms with safe trapdoor entry and exit
  3. Guard against the possibility of overturning with correct size and quantity of stabilisers
  4. Possess the minimum quantity of guardrails designed with the correct gaps and dimensions to prevent a fall

Reliable Durability

Besides being supremely safe and conveniently easy to use, the Zarges Reachmaster AGR Scaffold Tower is has also been specifically designed to be durable and hard-wearing. The 50mm frames and braces give it a robust construction, while its tough aluminium spigots can withstand years of heavy use – making the Reachmaster perfect for professionals in the construction industry.

What We Think At Browns Ladders

thumbs up

You’ve probably been able to detect our enthusiasm, but we think this latest addition to our stock is a truly fantastic piece of kit. It takes all the best features of the Zarges Reachmaster Folding Scaffold Tower and expands upon them, giving you even greater utility and freedom. And with five different sizes available, you’ve got a couple of options to find one that best suits your requirements.

If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, don’t worry! We’ve got plenty of other options in our range of scaffold towers – just browse our product range to find one you need. On the off-chance you get stuck or can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always give us a call on 01282 615517, or email us on

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