It’s time for another review here on the Browns Ladders blog. This time, we’re looking at one of our leading scaffolding towers, the Zarges Reachmaster Folding Tower Scaffold.

Designed for builders and other tradesmen, the Zarges tower scaffold is ideal for a wide range of jobs. From rendering, plastering and window fitting, right through to more heavy-duty jobs such as bricklaying and roofing, the Reachmaster can help you to do it all.

Manufactured by Zarges, you can expect a good quality product that’s both durable and safe. Like all Zarges products, the Reachmaster Folding Tower Scaffold is made from a lightweight metal – aluminium- which ensures high stability in a relatively lightweight product that’s both corrosion resistant and flexible to use.

Suited to a wide range of jobs

The product is available in eight different sizes – so you can pick one (or two!) relevant to the most common types of work you do. The smallest model has a platform height of 0.6m, which give you a working height of 2.6m. The largest model in the range has a platform height of 6.5m, giving you a working height of 8.5m – perfect for all those heavy-duty construction jobs.

Lightweight and easy to use

Of course, the product’s weight increases with each model. The smallest model weighs just 27.2kg, while the largest still weighs a reasonable 175kg. One thing that remains the same across all the models though is the platform size. Measuring 1.90 x 0.86m, the scaffold platform allows more than enough room for you to safely and comfortably work from a height.

One thing our customers love about the Zarges Reachmaster Folding Tower Scaffold is its ease of use. It allows you to reach your required height quickly and safely and is incredibly easy to assemble with frames and braces that quickly snap into place.

Its folding base unit also comes with compact closed dimensions, ideal for fuss-free transportation. It’s important to note that the folding frame is 1900mm x 960mm x 360mm when closed, so your vehicle will need adequate space to store this item.

The Zarges safety standard

While the product itself is extremely safe and certified to EN 1004 Class 3, it’s important to follow the safety guidance and load limits. With this particular product there’s a recommended maximum working load of 210kg. This includes the weight of all your materials that are going to be sat on your belt or resting on the platform.

The Zarges Reachmaster Folding Tower Scaffold is available now and ready to order for free delivery within 3-5 working days. If you’d like the item sooner, you can also fast-track the delivery by upgrading to our next day delivery option at checkout.

To find out more about the product, visit the item page or contact us today on 01282 615517.

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