Today’s review is on our Zarges Z600 Master Steps, one of our specialist aluminium step ladders in our product range. Read on to discover the technical specifications, along with product details and benefits!

Suited to a wide variety of jobs

Zarges Z600 Master Step

Zarges Z600 Master Steps come in a range of sizes with a range of treads. The smallest ladder has 3 treads, a platform height of 0.79 and a closed length of 1.86m; whilst the largest ladder in the range come with 12 treads, a platform height of 3.11m and a closed length of 4.39m. So whether you’re doing low level work inside an office, or work at a height, you’re guaranteed to find a step in this range to suit your requirements.

The safest step ladder you’ll find

Zarges Z600 Master Step workplace

One thing that makes this step ladder stand out against its competitors is its extra safe design with its wider platform (measuring 400mm x 400mm) and base. It also has an extra high knee rail – 82cm above the platform – for ease of use.

Of course, all of our step ladders are safe, but if you want something that gives you that extra protection, it may be worth considering the Z600. The 80mm deep rungs with integrated plastic inserts offer maximum anti-slip protection, whilst the two handrails on either side of the ladder provide safe access. The high strength Perlon straps that have been fitted also help to provide optimum stability and prevent splay.

Light and portable

Zarges Z600 Master Step Folded - Side View

Despite the ladder being sturdy and perhaps being less slimline than others (with its wider platform and additional aluminium features), it’s still incredibly lightweight. The aluminium material ensures that it’s easy to transport around – with the smallest ladder in the range weighing just 5.8kg and the largest ladder weighing 20.5kg. What’s more, like the majority of our products, the Z600 comes with a 12 months manufacturers warranty.

Zarges – a market leader in access equipment

If you’re looking for reliability and durability from a product, Zarges are a good brand to consider. As the largest manufacturer of access equipment in Europe, they certainly know how to make a good product, and consequently they carry the widest range of ladders, steps, work platforms and scaffold towers you’ll find. Safety and good quality products are of uttermost importance to the company. They ensure that stringent standards are maintained throughout the design, manufacture and quality control of every product – keeping customers completely satisfied.

For further information on the Zarges Z600 Master Steps, or any other step ladder in our range, do get in touch with a member of our team. The Browns Ladders team will also be able to advise working at heights courses that may complement your purchase and create a safe working environment for you and your colleagues.

Download the specification sheet for Zarges Z600 Master Steps

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