If your roof is in need of repair and replacement, it can be tempting to do it yourself. Saving money is often a key motivation, and today there are YouTube tutorials for almost everything for everything from replacing guttering to shingling a new roof. However, while many DIY jobs can be easily done by homeowners, roof repairs are close to the top of the list of jobs you should almost always leave to the professionals. Here are a few reasons why!

Saving money isn’t guaranteed

While some DIY jobs can definitely help you to save money on the cost of a professional repair or replacement, roofing isn’t one of them. Professional roofers are aware of the problems to look out for. They can identify damage that the average homeowner won’t be able to see and recommend a cost-effective solution. If you handle your own repairs and fail to spot these problems, you’ll only end up spending more money when you need to get the professionals out at a later date. Plus, when you hire a professional, you’ll also receive a warranty for the work done.

It can be incredibly dangerous

It goes without saying that repairing a roof involves working at a considerable height, and although this may look simple, more often than not it can be incredibly dangerous, and should only be attempted by someone who has received the proper training. Not only will you need to carefully perform a risk assessment, but you’ll also need the correct equipment. Professional roofers will use their own ladders, fall arrest equipment, and personal protective equipment, all of which are needed to perform the job safely. They also know which parts of your roof are unsafe to stand on due to their training. You should never take a chance with your safety.

It demands a lot of specialist skill

damaged roof

When done properly, a roof in good condition will add a layer of class and beauty to a home. While it’s not often the first thing people look at when they first view a home, you can be sure they will notice it if it’s been poorly installed. Signs of a poorly done job include tiles that aren’t uniformly installed and rippling shingles. In most cases, these signs will be clear immediately. Do you really want to risk it? Especially if you plan to sell your home in the future, it’s really not worth attempting the job yourself.

You won’t be insured

Finally, let’s say that you decided to ignore all the advice above and went ahead with repairing your roof yourself. Within 30 minutes of you starting the job, a problem occurred and part of your roof caved in. In this situation, it will be down to you to fix the damage. You could try phoning your home insurance company but once they discover it was you who caused the damage, they’ll refuse to pay out. And, if you happen to injure someone else while performing the work, you could be sued for thousands. A professional roofing company has insurance in place to protect them from all eventualities. Let them worry about what happens if something goes wrong, not you.

A professional roofing company may end up costing you less than you think. Don’t go it alone; hire a professional who has the appropriate equipment, training, knowledge and insurance to do the job correctly and safely.

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