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Step ladders are essential DIY items for every home


Step ladders; every home should have one. If you do not have any step ladders or you need to replace an old worn out one, the following suggestions will help you make you an informed choice for your step ladders.

It is important to choose a step ladder most suited to the task at hand by checking a few specifications.

Type of ladder

Check that your new step ladder has the correct certification. Class 1 Step Ladders should be BS 2037 Certified.

This type is be suitable for industrial use, with a vertical load rating of 175kg and a duty rating of 130kg.

The amount of steps, or treads, range from five to five to ten.

Choose the most useful size of step ladder for your individual needs, assessing the kind of work you will use it for.

Don’t be tempted to stand on a chair when a three step ladder could do the job perfectly well.

They are lightweight and easy to manage and perfect for helping you do your daily tasks safely and effectively.

Five tread step ladders are more appropriate if your planning to paint rooms in the house, giving you more reach for work.

More industrial tasks should be carried out using heavy duty fibreglass platform step ladders.

With extra strength and slip resistance the treads are double riveted for strength. They are usually insulated up to 30,000 volts. The step ladder typically comes in a range of three to 12 treads.

Cost-effective step ladders

If you want to get a cost-effective step ladder, you can either buy a poor quality one, which is not recommended, or opt for one with fewer features. Start by doing some research online.

You could also choose a company that offers some form of free delivery on certain items.

Visit the step ladders section for more information.

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