We’ve gone into detail recently about the many, many advantages of stepladders, as well as answering your most common questions about it. But although it’s not hard to bring to mind the major, seasonal tasks you might need a stepladder for, it can be easy to forget that there are lots of smaller jobs that might regularly need doing, too. And while you can technically the task done by just muddling by, it’s far easier, quicker and safer to use a dedicated ladder for the job.

Some jobs you might need a stepladder for are:

  1. Putting up a picture frame
  2. Adjusting or setting alarms
  3. Quick repairs in hard-to-reach places
  4. Changing a lightbulb
  5. Putting up wallpaper

Putting Up A Picture Frame (Or Flat Screen TV)

how stepladders can make everyday tasks easier hanging picture frame

There aren’t many homes we can think of that don’t have pictures up on the walls. They don’t necessarily even have to be pictures of friends or family – even people who live alone tend to shy away from having bare walls, preferring to adorn them with paintings or framed photography. While you can feasibly do this from ground level, it can be fiddly, and this is doubly true if you’re trying to screw a new plasma screen into the wall.

With a stepladder, you can far more easily see what you’re doing, and it means you’ll probably get the task done in half the time, too!

Adjusting Or Setting Burglar, Fire Or Smoke Alarms

 smoke alarm

We’ve all been warned time and again that the batteries in our smoke alarms have to be kept topped up, or it could expose us to real risk. Changing the batteries, therefore, is an infrequent but regular task, and one that’s a lot quicker to complete if you have a stepladder to hand. The same is true of many varieties of motion-sensor burglar alarms, which can sometimes be situated in awkward corners of certain rooms.

Quick Repairs On Furniture Or Kitchen Cabinets

repairing stepladders

A common issue that kitchen cabinets can sometimes face is the tendency of the hinges to become loose, leading to doors hanging off at an angle, or even falling off entirely. This can be difficult to sort out, even if the reattaching itself isn’t hard task on its own. You could potentially use the kitchen counter to kneel on when getting everything sorted out at normal head height, but why subject yourself to discomfort when a stepladder can help you do the job with a fraction of the time and effort?

The same goes for tall sideboards or cupboards – if you’re cleaning, storing or even just giving the topside a brief once-over, a stepladder is a useful companion to have to hand.

Changing A Lightbulb

changing lightbulbs

This is one that definitely all of us will have to get round to eventually, no matter how well-maintained the house. If you’re tall enough, you could feasibly manage by standing on tiptoes and simply reaching up – but for the rest of us, a stepladder is always going to be a welcome tool to get the job done.

Putting Up Wallpaper


Every now and then, you might decide your home needs a little change of scenery. This generally isn’t a one-man job; it gets done fastest with between two and three people, and it makes life a lot easier for everyone involved if at least one person can reach the highest edges of where the wallpaper meets the ceiling. And what better way to get there than by using a stepladder?

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