Telescopic ladders are very different from traditional ones. They are extension ladders with  a twist in that they are extremely compact and can extend higher than any of their counterparts.

Versatile flexible and sturdy, telescopic ladders revolutionise the ladder world, providing homeowners with efficient, convenient ladders.

Tools such as these are important in the modern world where an increased need for storage and the construction of new building is evident.

A frequently asked question about telescopic ladders regards their safety. How can these extension ladders that folding in so far still be study enough to climb?

They are safe, although always buy  ones with British Standards or EN 131 certification labels.

Although you are right to be concerned about safety  it is the improper use of ladders that are the biggest causes of accidents rather than the telescopic ladders themselves.

You can purchase aluminum extrusions to slot inside each other so that the inside one can slide up and still be fully supported over the whole length, making it very strong indeed.

It is important to always follow working at height regulations when using telescopic extension ladders.

Since these extension ladders are specially designed so they can collapse into itself for storage, they are perfect for DIY.

The ladder is customisable and can be extended to any length, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Telescopic ladders are a fantastic alternative for people with little space to keep ladders in storage.

When using telescopic ladders it is advisable to use them in pairs. This way, while one person is climbing up the other person stays on the ground to hold it firmly to prevent the ladder from toppling over.

Make sure the angle is around 27 degrees, balancing it between it tipping over backwards and dropping out from underneath.

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