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The top 3 garden ladders to help you tackle your garden this summer


Who doesn’t love a bit of sunny weather? We’ve been lucky enough to be able to enjoy a whole lot of it here in the Britain during the last few weeks or so, which means it’s only natural for you to think about tackling a couple of those garden jobs. We talk all the time about the importance of having the right ladders for the job, and there’s no question that garden ladders see their heaviest use in the summer months. Here at Browns Ladders, we’ve got a pretty extensive range ourselves, so to save you a bit of time we’ve rounded up our three favourites, which should give you somewhere to start! So, in no particular order…

Aluminium Tripod Ladder

Closest to the budget end of the scale we have our aluminium tripod ladders. They’re great all-rounders, stable and heavy duty enough to be used even by professional outdoor tradespeople, such as landscapers, gardeners and tree surgeons.

aluminium sizes

With a broad base and telescopic rear leg, each of our aluminium tripod ladders creates a triangular footprint for an easy working position, and easily straddles shrubs and other greenery to enable you to perform the task with the minimum amount of unnecessary effort. Comfort has been a major consideration in its construction as well, as you can see from its broad, double-rung steps. What’s more, its clawed feet result in an excellent grip even against soft ground, and the entire ladder is lightweight and weatherproof, making it highly durable against the elements. As if you need any more persuading, you can even read a few reviews by a couple of our customers – it’s getting a brilliant reception so far!

Henchman Platform Tripod Ladder

You can tell at just a glance that the Henchman Platform Tripod ladder has a lot to offer homeowners and tradespeople alike. Right off the bat, its 7-inch platform step gives you plenty of room to comfortably stand as you work, and contributes to the ladder’s exceptional stability. Its construction allows you to tuck your legs in to gain added support against your thighs, so you’ve got maximum safety and peace of mind, whether you’re trimming a tree branch or cleaning the shed roof.

henchman garden ladders

Like the aluminium tripod ladder, its wide, clawed feet are designed to prevent slipping or sinking even on the softest ground. The 3-leg construction is based on the ‘milking stool principle’, making it almost impossible to wobble, and the three legs are fully adjustable for maximum flexibility to meet the demands of almost any situation. What’s more, its top and third leg are narrowed, which means it’s excellent for accessing even the most awkward spaces.

There are a broad range of height options, so you can take your pick as to which height best suits your needs. Whichever one you choose, you can count on it to be incredibly light for ease of transport and storage – which is always a handy bonus!

Henchman Hi-Step Aluminium Garden Ladder

Unquestionably one of the safest platforms for garden work; great for those awkwardly-located tasks, or if you’re working at particular height. The Henchman Hi-Step’s legs are made from steel for key area strength, and with long-leg adjustment pins so you can quickly and easily alter their length according to the demands of the task at hand. These steel legs are tipped by equally-quickly adjustable feet, so you spend the minimum amount of time fiddling around with the ladder and more time simply getting on with the job!

hedge trimmer

All this is amazing enough, but once you’re actually atop the ladder, the manner of its construction opens up a whole new way to work. While regular ladders might struggle to provide you with sufficient stability – especially if you don’t keep your hips inside the guardrails – the Henchman Hi-Step allows you a far greater reach due to its rear guard strap, adjustable guardrail and toe board as standard. This means you’re not over-leaning at any point – a leading cause of accidents on ladders – and gives you the peace of mind to get the job done much more quickly, safely and efficiently.

Of course, while these are certainly our favourites, they’re far from the only ladders we’ve got in our range here at Browns. You can explore our full range of garden ladders here, or if you’ve got any questions (or you’d like to place an order), you can give us a quick ring on 01282 615517.

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