We supply to a broad range of sectors here at Browns Ladders, including both private and trade customers. Electricians are just one of the many specific types of professionals we cater to – and in fact, you don’t have to search too hard amongst our stock before you discover plenty of ladders for electricians! Here are just a few of our top favourites.

(It’s worth noting that none of them are aluminium, because obviously it’s particularly conducive. Instead, most of our ladders for electricians are made out of fibreglass, which is often more of an investment but worth it for the significant safety improvements around electricity that they provide!)

Zarges Fibreglass Swingback Step

zarges swingback steps

We’re kicking off with one of our most eternally popular stepladders for electricians. In fact, our experts have described the Zarges Fibreglass Swingback Step as the ideal stepladder for electrical contractors, providing excellent stability at low to medium heights. Part of this stability is due to its notably strong side arms, providing a sturdy barrier against collapse. Naturally, it’s non-conducive (one of the most vital prerequisites!), and its non-slip feet are complemented with double-riveted aluminium treads so that it doesn’t slide across the ground.

The Zarges Swingback Step also addresses a common bugbear for tradesmen and professionals, namely in providing ready access to a tool rack, so that it’s not necessary to constantly be ascending and descending the ladder to swap tools. It’s a brilliant purchase for mundane electrical jobs, or work which consistently requires working at low height.

Lyte Fibreglass Trade Double Extension Ladder

lyte extension ladder

Right away it’s a good idea to note the electrical resistance of this ladder – it’s non-conducive up to 30,000 volts, which is more than sufficient for most of the light use and trade use that the ladder is designed for. It’s also notable for its D-shaped serrated rungs, which are excellent for increasing grip underfoot as you ascend, and cutting down on the risk of slips or falls.

As well as taking care of the safety of its user, the Lyte Trade Double Extension Ladder has its own stability well in hand, too. Its rope-activated rung lock system secures the ladder when in use, while below its swivel safety shoes provide added stability. It’s a fantastic all-rounder when it comes to performing electrical work (as long as the voltage is under 30,000 volts)!

Lyte Fibreglass Telecommunications Ladder

lyte fibreglass telecoms ladder)

Significantly grander-scale than either of the previous entries on this list, the Lyte Fibreglass Telecommunications Ladder has been specifically designed to guard against the dangers of electrical hazards. As its name suggests, it was originally designed with British Telecom linesmen in mind; its inherent durability makes it more than up to the demands of heavy and frequent trade usage, making it an ideal purchase for professional electricians who regularly have to work at height.

One of its most notable features is its butterfly rung, which provides outstanding support and balance when at the top of the ladder – a position many operators are likely to find themselves in on a regular basis! At first glance, its size might make it seem a little unwieldy for a single operator, which is exactly why it’s got nylon rollers on its mid and base sections, making it almost effortless for a single operator to extend to its full height. Once it’s erected, it has a double-safety catch and a lashing rope to prevent any possibility of danger when not in use – for example, falling away from the building or telegraph pole after an accidental impact. It’s certified to BSEN131:1993, and part certified to ASNI A14.5 – so you can rest easy in the knowledge it’s been inspected and recommended by the very best experts in the industry.

Remember, these are simply our top picks – they’re far from the only options available here at Browns Ladders! For lower-level work like changing light-bulbs or rewiring alarms (just to name a few), it’s well worth taking a look through our stock of step ladders. Don’t forget to bear the material of the ladder in mind – aluminium steps aren’t usually ideal for electrical work! If you need any help or advice, of course, our experts are only a phone call away on 01282 615517.